I love this time of year–all of the lights, colors, music playing, peeking in to other homes at nighttime (do you do that as you’re driving by?), trees, decorations, … and creativity. Everyone has their own style. Their own tradition on how to decorate. What they love and bring out of boxes from the attic, the foods they serve.

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It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

I thought I’d share some photos from around my house. I really love RED this time of year, and it shows …

Find an old bucket and fill it up.

Our red front door.

Yummy smell of Christmas on the counter.

Standard black tights/red skirt (Nordstrom rack).

Sunset Magazine, a touch of red on the succulent moss wreath.

Yeas ago, our boys in matching fabric.

Playing carols and hymns on Grandma’s piano.

Red stockings.

Adding fresh fruit when serving a holiday dessert.

Red container full of candles.

Dessert plates – Harmony, Joy, Peace, Hope.

Simple red ribbon around a jar of homemade applesauce.

Stan’s Poached Holiday Pears with accent red plate.

(photo by David Gibb)

Coughlin Christmas card this year. :)

(photo by my daughter, Abby)

Peeking in to sons doing dishes after dinner.

Nighttime meal with my favorite salad bowl.

Our kids as babies.

Using burlap and berries.

Red table setting.

Preserving my mom’s handwriting on a plate.

Red holiday shoes.

Decorating with rose hips.

Aunt Barbara’s cranberry salad.

Beautiful paper napkins (easy)!

Joy to the World … on our dining room wall.

Candles from Michaels.

Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s (okay, it’s not red, but have you tried it?) :)

Red lipstick and pretty holiday friends.

Wood by the fireplace.

Stay tuned for a post that includes this last picture. We had a family over for a casual Sunday meal … I can’t wait to share a delicious recipe and the elements of holiday surprise and warm friendships.

Looking around your house right now, what’s one or two of your favorite {red} things?

PS. It wouldn’t be the most wonderful time of the year without hearing our daughter playing …

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