A Fresh Perspective on the Home

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

I’ve received comments like this on Reluctant Entertainer for many years now:

I’m a reluctant entertainer because I think my home should be perfect when it’s not.

Is your hand in the air? (That’s me! That’s me!!)

Can you relate?

This is why I love my friend Nester’s 31-Day series on The Home. She’s writing about a different aspect each day in October. On Purpose. I think it is encouraging and can help us all, especially those of us who struggle with perfectionism.

One thing that has helped me learn to be content with the state of my home is to rearrange often. It adds a freshness to the home.

Each season, I try to move my furniture around, because it not only helps me get in under each piece to vacuum, it also inspires me to wipe down the window-seals, freshen things up, and gives our home a new “feel” for the season.

Also, knowing that there are people coming over to my house gets my creative housekeeping juices flowing. It’s just good to freshen things up a bit!

A few weeks ago, my home went from here.

To here. Same furniture, same corner of the room, just a new look.

I spent very little money, and brought in fresh pears that my son picked as an easy decoration.

The last yard sale I went to, I scored! New art on one wall.

And very fun vintage pears and apples on the other (bargain from the same sale).

My $3 large basket that is filled with apples (soon to be turned into delicious applesauce using my KitchenAid – I will walk you through the process!)

I love how the light is coming in over the sectional now, perfect for Fall mornings when I get my espresso and come out to the same place, and sit and read (my place of refuge).

Just a little bit of creativity, no money spent, and a new feel to our living room.

Nester’s perspective on the home is right on. I’ll leave you with these words. Head on over and check out her 31 Day series if you have the time. Boom! You may just have a change of attitude!

… No one ever says they want their home to feel unwelcoming. Or cold or unfriendly or unaccepting or harsh or lifeless or have a sense of fear. No one ever says they want their home to be boring or vanilla or average or store-bought. No one wants their home to be stressful. Believe it or not I don’t think I’ve ever heard any real, non-TV person say they want their home to be prettier than all their friends and full of the nicest, most perfect specimens.

But sometimes we approach decorating and designing in a way opposite to how we hope our home will feel. We make decisions as if we are being graded. We are afraid to create the home we’ve always dreamed of because we are afraid of being judged or laughed at or mocked. We worry and fret and procrastinate and ultimately waste years not enjoying home and making our family miserable along the way as we whine and complain and wish and verbalize our disappointment in our home. – The Nester

Do you rearrange with the change in seasons, or what helps you keep a healthy perspective of your home?

The winner to the hostess set of 12 Plush Pumpkins from LoveFeast is Kristin, from Kristin’s PotPie! Love the name of her blog – hope she shows us how she used the pumpkins. :)

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4 comments on “A Fresh Perspective on the Home”

  1. Can’t wait to get my pumpkins! Thanks Sandy! And you can bet I will share on my blog how I use them :-)

  2. Love what you did, Sandy. I’ve always switched things up in my little casa. We have under 2000 square feet, and somehow just switching it all up occasionally makes it feel like more. Our living room is L-shaped, and for the first time ever I shoved our sofa/couch/davenport/whatever over in the L by the patio doors. I did it to enjoy optimum summer sun. What fun! Now I’m leaving it there for the winter to enjoy the falling snow. The dining room table has been everywhere on the first floor. :-D I got the furniture-moving gene from my mama. Love her.

  3. i’m totally the person who doesn’t feel equipped to entertain well because our house is a wreck, but i love these tips for changing up a room. and i’m also seeing that i need to become a better bargain hunter – you’re amazing at finding deals that have potential!

  4. Perfectionism…I definitely struggle with that! I used to struggle with decorating my home until I discovered that when you buy furniture pieces that you love, and surround yourself with objects and things that are meaningful to you (and your family), your home will be warm and inviting and you will enjoy living in your space. Your home shouldn’t feel like a furniture showroom, where everything matches and fits perfectly. It should have the look and feel of of furniture and objects that have been collected and assembled over time. I don’t move furniture around (except to clean under it). Once I find the perfect place for it in my home I leave it there!

    Congrats to Kristin on winning the velvet pumpkins…I’m jealous! ;-)

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