A Teen Party with Mini Strawberry Pavlovas!

It’s hard to capture what really went on this day, but pictures really do say a thousand words, don’t they?

And since strawberry season is just about here (we grow our own), I think you’ll enjoy my post today.

Many of you already know how I feel about “borrowing” for parties …

-Borrow ideas

-Borrow entertaining supplies

-Borrow recipes

… and you can even …

-Borrow a friend’s home!

My daughter’s special day (birthday) last Fall started like this.

Fun and creativity in the great outdoors. (We put the camera to good use.)

And then pizza and swimming and some hoola-hooping.

Even a few moms got in on the hoola-hooping.

Thankful for much, and for friends letting us “borrow their house,” we created some beautiful birthday memories.

We didn’t have a traditional birthday cake because my daughter, Abby, wanted to serve Mini Pavlovas. They are a wonderful treat for a girl’s birthday party, and so easy to make.

What is a Pavlova?
A Pavlova is a meringue cake with a light, delicate, crisp crust and a soft sweet marshmallow center.

They are so ridiculously delicious, they will make your taste buds S I N G !!

You can make small and dainty pavlovas, medium-size, like a cookie, or one very large pavlova.

The very top photo of this post is one I made last summer with strawberries straight from our patch :)

The meringue really does melt in your mouth, especially when you top it with vanilla cream, and then your choice of fruit or chocolate topping. My daughter is funny. She will pull out my book and whip up her own batch — just because — and eat them plain!

The recipe is a bit on the longer side, but very easy, and it’s on page 78 of my book (if you have a copy of The RE).

Have you ever borrowed a friend’s house for a birthday party?

This post is linked to Add a Pinch’s Mingle Monday! Thanks, Robyn.

If you’re planning a party, visit this site for birthday party supplies.

16 comments on “A Teen Party with Mini Strawberry Pavlovas!”

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  2. We borrowed my in-laws house a few times while we were in the process of building our own!!

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  4. I’ve never borrowed anyone’s house for a party. However, my mom and I once let my aunt borrow dishes for a party and we made the food for her. We told her it was okay not to tell her friends that we did the food, thinking she just wouldn’t say anything. What none of us expected was her friends would start asking for recipes! You can guess how this went. She tried telling the ingredients she knew we mentioned, but her friends kept pressing “but how do you MAKE it?” until finally her cover was blown.

    So if you are going to give stuff for someone else’s party, be sure they are prepared to answer any questions!

    I’ve never made pavlovas, but they look mouthwatering!

  5. Oh my goodness, Sandy! What a fun party!

  6. That dessert looks awesome! I have borrowed my best friends parents home for a bbq. They live on the lake it was great to eat outside and swim or use the wave runner for the day.

  7. Love this! What a fun dessert!

    My oldest will turn 16 next month and he has requested a taco bar AND and ice cream bar for his birthday. Not a problem. We prep, chop and get everything ready the night before so the day of the party is a breeze. All the teenagers love tacos and ice cream (and so do the adults) so it’s a win-win for all. I’m also thinking of making some cowboy beans and a fruit salad too! Maybe pavlovas will be on the menu too!

  8. Great idea! I never thought about borrowing someones house.
    I will have to try that out, lol.

  9. I need to do more borrowing of supplies for get togethers… Sure would help on the cost….

  10. It has been years, but as a young momma…it was a treat to be able to use our in laws large home. I have always loved having things at our small home…but it allowed me to take care of the little details. The best part was that they offered to do the clean up so we could get home with our little. What a fun memorable party for your daughter. What a sweet friend!

  11. What a beautiful group of girls….and looks like a fun party. Love all the hoola-hooping =) I may try that sometimes for a older girls party =)

  12. I’ve borrowed my inlaws house when we were in transition of finishing up our home and were living with an older lady in our church. I didn’t want to impose on her and her home with a bunch of girls so we borrowed my inlaws.

    The first time I had pavlova was at a Mops meeting and one of the gals brought one. Oh my goodness…I was in heaven. I have never made it myself though.

  13. I have borrowed a friend’s home for a party; my daughter’s 13th birthday last year we used their pool & house for a lovely luau.
    The party looks like so much fun, but I have discovered a houseful of girls is always a lot of fun! =) Meringues are a favorite of ours. I know the kids would love them topped with whipped cream and berries!

  14. No, I’ve never borrowed a friend’s house for a party. Looks like you all had fun though. Pictures look yummy!!

  15. I actually have borrowed a house for a birthday party. A couple times actually. LOL! Once was when I was throwing my husband a surprise party and the second was when we were moving and held my son’s birthday at my BFF’s house.
    I have your book and I’m going to go check out page 78! Just looking at your table with the fresh berries on there was making my mouth water. YUM!

    Have a fabulous day Sandy.

  16. No, I’ve never borrowed a home but we’ve leant our home in the mountains to friends more than once. The girls look like they were having lots of fun.

    I’ve never made Pavlova’s either. I did buy strawberries at the produce market earlier this week. They are so good this year and probably as cheap right now as they are going to get. I used mine over slices of homemade pound cake for our version of strawberry shortcake.


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