Get everyone to interact around the holiday table with this DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Tablecloth! Pull out the Sharpie markers and have some fun!

DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Tablecloth

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One of the most creative things we’ve done over the holidays was create a fun environment for our “little guests” around the table. This included using a Canvas Drop Cloth Tablecloth that both kids and adults could write on.

Such a simple, inexpensive idea, and perfect for the Christmas weeks ahead if you’re entertaining kids! It’s actually a really fun idea for any holiday!

DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Tablecloth

You start out with a perfectly clean cloth, and by the end of the evening, it’s full of words, pictures, sayings …

Don’t forget to set out the Sharpie markers, thinking of a color scheme to make it Christmas-y. I chose red, gray, and brown.

Where to buy Canvas Drop Cloths:

6 x 9 drop cloths – buy them!

Last year for this party, I bought a 2-pack

Buy the black and white ribbon.

Get the Sharpie Markers!

When the kids start writing and coloring, it usually brings out the youthfulness in us older ones!

The love and fun that we had together, sitting around munching on sweets, sharing stories, Christmas music (our favorite Charlie Brown Christmas) playing in the background was a memory our family will cherish.

DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Tablecloth

How to reuse the tablecloth:

-Pull it out and reuse next year. Continue writing on the cloth.
-Wrap it up and present it to the family who joined you for the meal.
-Take parts of the cloth you love and frame it.
-Make pillows using the words or pictures.
-Flip the cloth over and reuse it for another party!

DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Tablecloth

This year I’ll be wrapping up the cloth and sending it to our friends who joined us for Thanksgiving. It’s full of their 3 little kids art work and writing, a keepsake for sure for years to come!

They can either use it as a memory tablecloth, or add to the design with a fresh set of Sharpie pens and a little more pizazz, with their kids one year older for Christmas 2014.

DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Tablecloth

Who would have thought we could have so much fun and create great memories using a simple drop cloth?

What are your favorite ways to include kids around a holiday table?