Love charcuterie, but want to make it a bit more personal? Check out these Charcuterie Cups! Loaded with tasty and fun-to-eat bites, these individual cups are perfect for larger gatherings, outdoor events, or when people want to mix and mingle with a drink and a few tasty bites in hand. Easy to prepare ahead of time, you can make these just how you like them or follow all my suggestions below!

charcuterie cups

You know I’m a big fan of charcuterie boards and grazing boards, especially when served on my Big Boards. But, I recently served these Charcuterie Cups at a bridal shower and they were a huge hit!

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Charcuterie Cups

Each easy-to-carry and-eat cup is loaded with sweet and savory bites, which makes them perfect for nibbling while mingling. Perfect for showers, reunions, wine-tasting parties, outdoor BBQs and events, and more, these adorable cups are easy to prep in advance so you’re not tied to the kitchen during the event.

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big board with charcuterie cups

I love these cups for mess-free hosting. See all my tips below for getting these cups ready in advance, then just set them out and people will help themselves. It’s just that easy!

a tray full of meat and cheese cups

Why I love this recipe

  • These individual Charcuterie Cups are a fun and easy way to serve munchies at events. 
  • Customize your cups to each event. We included pink yogurt covered pretzels at a bridal shower and they were perfect! See all my tips and suggestions below.
  • You can make them in advance, so there’s no mess and no fuss. You can enjoy your guests and not be stuck in the kitchen! 
meat, cheese, and olive skewers

Gather these ingredients and items to make 24 cups

  • 12×24-inch Big Board – For transporting and serving the Charcuterie Cups
  • Paper charcuterie cups – No cups? See my other suggestions below.
  • Pink pearl toothpicks – Or other fancy toothpicks.
  • Pistachios – Roasted in the shell. You’ll need about 24 ounces.
  • Salami – Sliced.
  • Sharp cheddar – Cut into cubes.
  • Gouda cheese – Cut into cubes.
  • Spanish olives – Drained. You’ll need a small jar or about 24 olives.
  • Gherkins – Drained and cut in half.
  • Mini Artisan crackers
  • Lesley Stowe crackers
  • Pretzel crisps
  • Fresh rosemary stems – 24 stems or enough for 1 per cup.
  • Strawberry yogurt-covered pretzels – About 48 pretzels. We found these at Costco.
a charcuterie cup

How to make individual Charcuterie Cups

  1. Fill 24 charcuterie cups half full with pistachios.
  2. Prepare the toothpicks by adding 1 olive, 1 cube of sharp cheddar, 1 slice of folded salami, 1 cube of Gouda cheese, and half a gherkin to each toothpick. 
  3. Add one of each of the crackers and a pretzel crisp to each of the cups, along with the charcuterie toothpick. 
  4. Tuck 2 strawberry yogurt pretzels into the front of each cup and add the rosemary sprig to the side of each cup.
  5. Arrange the cups on the 12×24-inch Big Board and serve! 
2 girls holding a tray with charcuteries cup with skewers and snacks

Tips & substitutions

  • These are enough ingredients and items to make 24 cups, but you can make as many as you need by dividing the recipe in half – or more – or multiplying it by 2 – or more – to serve groups of any size.
  • Get creative with the ingredients. Try red or green grapes instead of pistachios. Breadsticks, honey sticks, Rustic Bakery sourdough flatbread, and different crackers are all good bread elements. Add berries to the toothpicks. 
  • Try cornichons instead of gherkins. Dried apricots are also tasty in these cups.
  • Make the charcuterie toothpicks ahead of time and store them in the fridge until ready to assemble your cups.
  • Enlist some help making these cups! Kids love doing projects like this or ask a friend to come early to help.
  • Have extras on hand in case someone wants a refill.
meat, cheese, crackers, olives in cups

Serving suggestions

I love serving these at all sorts of events. From bridal or baby showers to parties of all kinds, these cups are a tasty way to ensure fuss-free hosting. Mix things up! Instead of the paper cups, serve in small canning jars, lowball glasses or small juice glasses, or even ramekins. Get creative! 

a charcuterie cup


Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days. 

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charcuterie cups
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Charcuterie Cups

Loaded with sweet and savory treats, these individual Charcuterie Cups are perfect for snacking while mingling!  Serves 24 – makes 24 individual servings. Served on the 12×24” BIG BOARD.
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Yield: 24
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  • 24 oz pistachios, in the shells
  • Toothpick:
  • 24 slices salami, folded
  • 24 Sharp Cheddar cubes
  • 24 Smoked Guda cubes
  • 1 small jar Spanish olives, drained (24)
  • 12 Gherkins, drained, cut in half
  • 24 Mini Artisan crackers
  • 24 Lesley Stowe crackers
  • 24 Pretzel crisps
  • 24 stems of fresh rosemary
  • 48 strawberry yogurt covered pretzels, we bought at Costco


  • Served on the 12×24” BIG BOARD.
  • These paper charcuterie cups (they do come with cocktail picks)
  • These pink pearl toothpicks


  • Fill 24 charcuterie cups 1/2 full of pistachios.
  • On each toothpick, add 1 olive, 1 of each cube of cheese with a folded over piece of salami between the cheese, and a pickle.
  • In each cup, add one of each of the crackers and pretzel, the charcuterie toothpick, and in the front (2) strawberry yogurt covered pretzels. Tuck the rosemary sprig into the side of the cup.
  • Arrange the 24 cups on the 12×24” big board and serve
Cuisine: American
Course: Appetizer
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charcuterie skewer in cup with crackers