Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe

You’ll love the flavors of this Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe, a homemade pasta with a sweet mascarpone cheese filling. Dive in, and serve with a giant green salad!

Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe

Friends, instead of being frenzied and rushed this time of year, I like to think of coming together as a gentle reminder to slow down, give thanks, enjoy our friends, and the beauty around us.

This year, everything still feels new where we live. Even though we’re in a smaller space, we still host, but we like to keep it simple.

We’re also focusing on fewer commitments, less holiday decor and clutter!

And more gatherings, more memories, and more slowing down …

Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe

From years of hosting, I’ve learned to get a date on the calendar early, when it comes to specific people we want to host. Just this week we got a few dates on the calendar!

Decide who you want to get to know better, and who you can connect with. Creating the guest list with a mix of people can make a really fun party!

Some meals are quick and easy, like a delicious, cozy chili feed, or a one-pot meal, a slow-cooker meal, or even soup night. And there’s always room for new people, or last-minute, too!

The recipe I’m sharing today you have to plan ahead.

It’s not your usual company dish, because it involved homemade pasta. I would say it’s more dinner partyish. So consider it a real “treat.”

Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe

Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe

The flavor of this elegant Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe, with a sweet mascarpone cheese filling, is delicious served with a Winter Green Salad!

Serve rustic or crunchy warm bread with flavored butters. Ask guests to bring dessert (or whip up something super easy, like this, or this.

Drinks can include fresh-pressed apple cider served cold or hot, or even in a mixed drink.

Everyone craves cozy, so this might just be the menu for you!

Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe

Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe
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Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe

(Divide recipe in half for lesser serving)
Prep Time45 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time1 hr


  • 2 baked sweet potatoes
  • 1/2 cups mascarpone cheese
  • 2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 1/2. tsp salt
  • 1 tsp. pepper
  • 6 dried figs finely chopped
  • 3 3/4 cup flour
  • 6 eggs
  • Salt


  • In medium bowl, combine sweet potato, mascarpone, salt, figs, pepper, and cinnamon. Mix together until smooth. Set aside.
  • On large surface, pour flour into a mound, adding two pinches of salt. Make a crater in the center and pour in lightly beaten eggs. With fork, mix eggs and flour together, kneading until smooth. Add 2-3 tablespoons of milk if dough feels too dry. Divide dough into 6 balls. Allow dough to sit for 30 minutes until room temperature.
  • Using a pasta machine or a rolling pin, roll out pasta into thin sheets. Make sure surface is well floured to prevent sticking.
  • Place about 1 tablespoon of filling—in ball form—onto the sheet. Repeat this 12-15 times, making sure the filling is lined up in even rows and each ball is spread out about 1 1/2’’ apart—I ended up with four rows of three balls. Using your finger, wet the edges of the ball with water to encourage the edges sticking together. Lay a sheet of pasta over the top. Press down around filling until pasta is sealed. Using a sharp knife, pasta cutter, or pizza cutter, cut ravioli into squares. I used a fork to press down and seal the edges.
  • In a large pot, boil water with about 1/4 cup of salt. When water is boiling, add in pasta and cook for 3-4 minutes. Remove and drain pasta when time is up.
  • Serve warm with freshly grated Parmesan, cracked pepper, and fresh thyme.

More ravioli recipes: Ravioli Lasagna Recipe [Two Peas and Their Pod], Cheesey Ravioli Skillet [Cookie Rookie], and Cheesy Ravioli Bake with Chicken [Tidy Mom].

Fig Sweet Potato Raviolis Recipe


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  1. Oh my land!!!!!! Love, love, love. I think pasta is my love language…lol. I have made homemade ravioli once with my grandma when she was visiting. So much fun (my moms family is Italian american).

    I also just finished reading a book called The Lost Ravioli recipes of Hoboken, which has stirred in me a desire to make homemade ravioli again.

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