Take a large chocolate heart box; fill with charcuterie treats for a Heart Box Snack Tray recipe for a fun appetizer, snack or gift to give!

a woman holding a Heart Box Snack

We love this Russell Stover’s boxed chocolates turned into a HeartCuterie (a heart charcuterie!), or a Heart Snack Tray! Think 5 C’s … chocolate, charcuterie, crackers, carrots, and candy!

Watch how I made it on my Instagram story!

Heart Box Snack

Heart Box Snack Tray

All you need are these ingredients:

  • Chocolates
  • Charcuterie treats (meat, cheese)
  • Crackers
  • Carrots & grapes & raspberries & blueberries
  • Candy

Heart Box Snack Tray

I love you!

Friends, good health, vibrant energy and outdoor experiences, and good relationships. These were things my parents taught me growing up, and we taught our kids!

I’m so thankful for the relationships with our kids, and they’re even more fun and meaningfull now that they are adults.

I came across this proverb, and loved it. “One kind word can warm three winter months.” So true!

And it’s proved when I think about the three simple words, I love you! :)

Heart Box Snack Tray Recipe

Empty Heart Box Snack Tray

Do you have a friend, or loved one, that would love this “charcuterie in a box” over a box of chocolates? (hand raised)

Today I took a Russell Stover’s chocolate box and made a Heart Box Snack Tray!

How easy, and a fun spin on charcuterie!

empty Heart Box

How to make a heart snack tray:

  1. Buy the largest chocolate box you can and remove the chocolates.
  2. Put back in 3-6 of your favorites.
  3. In the remaining slots, add in crackers, cheese, meat, veggies, nuts, etc.

Heart Box Snack Tray ingredients

Give to your sweetie, or a friend!

It can be a fun snack, appetizer, or very sweet set out on Valentine’s Day (night).


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Heart Box Snack Tray
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Get the Recipe:

Russel Stover Heart Box Snack Tray

Prep Time: 20 mins
Total Time: 20 mins
Yield: 4


  • 26 oz Russell Stover Hearts, and container
  • 15 salami or pepperoni slices
  • 10 cubes provolone cheese
  • 4 wafer crisps
  • 1/2 cup cashews
  • 1/4 cup almonds
  • 12 rice crackers
  • 18 dried banana chips
  • 9 carrot sticks
  • 12 grapes
  • 16 raspberries
  • 24 blueberries
  • 4-6 chocolates
  • 1/2 cup M&Ms (red, pink, whit


  • Take a large heart shaped box and remove the chocolates, to create a tray.
  • Replace back in the box 3-6 of your favorite chocolates.
  • In the remaining slots, add in crackers, cheese, meat, veggies, nuts, etc.
  • Give to your sweetie, or a friend!
Cuisine: American
Course: Appetizer
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woman holding a Heart Box Snack Tray