I really hope that when I get my three teens raised and on their way in life, or out of college, that I’ll be mindful of my younger friends’ college students.

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Just as a few of my friends and family members have been to my son, who’s away at school.

Last time we had our friends Jeannie and Minor over for dinner, they not only brought Elliot banana bread and other baked goods, they made him a stash of burritos to take back to college.

Burritos are so yummy and freezable, they’re a great snack for kids who live at home, too.

Easy for the microwave and much better and tastier for you than store-bought burritos.

You can read my post from last year on how to freeze them.

Of course, Jeannie’s were larger and tasted way better than “Mom’s,” but I was happy to deliver them to my son.

Hospitality can be as simple as thinking of a college student longing for a home-cooked meal.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Do you have any “care package” or “freezing tips” that you’d like to share here at RE?