While organizing my tablecloths, I came across the beautiful white one that I inherited from my Mom. Of course it brought back many “good” memories, as I ran my fingers down the silky parts of the fabric, memories of Mom’s beautiful (but not perfect) table setting on a Sunday morning.

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My mom almost always had guests over on Sunday for a big meal after church, and the table would always be set ahead of time.

With Mother’s Day coming up, I think about my Mom a lot. How organized she was, as she’d put the roast in the oven. She’d make her salads and peel the potatoes in the morning before going to church, and would have made the dessert the day before.

What an absolutely beautiful, knock-dead, gorgeous hostess she was, as she’d meet her guests at the door, apron tied around her waste, with Dad by her side.

Welcome … (she’d say.)

And then came the hug.

After mom passed away, Dad let us girls rummage though the hall closet where she hung the tablecloths, to find one to keep.

I chose the white one.

Even thought it’s too small for my table now, I will save it for my daughter, Abby. I’ll pass it down to her for what might be her first “table setting” in her first home or apartment.

It was special for me, and it will be special for her.
Which reminds me of this story (and photo) from when Abby had to make an elegant Toga for a school presentation.

Guess which tablecloth she used?

Yes, her Grandma’s beautiful white one!

Do you have an heirloom tablecloth that is special to you, or a story about one that brings a smile to your face?