Hospitality is Beautiful

I love to keep a black pedestal with a vase of flowers from my yard on my dining table.

This week it happens to be mini pink roses from the side of my house. They are climbing roses and easy to maintain.

And beautiful to bring inside.

My house gets stale just like yours. Papers pile up, shows in the entry-way, dust, the floor (oh, boy!), and the vases of flowers need freshening up. I usually get on a cleaning frenzy and change out the flowers when I’m cleaning house. And I will say I’m a bit more motivated to “spruce up” the house when dinner guests are coming.

Hospitality is about making others feel warm and welcome. It’s never perfect, but when your heart is right and your eyes are off of yourself, it’s beautiful to experience.

Do you take advantage of the flowers growing in your yard?

What’s on your dining room table or kitchen counter this week?

(If you’re wanting to know about the plaque in my dining room (above), you can visit Red Letter Words, here!)

12 comments on “Hospitality is Beautiful”

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  2. I just added a few fall touches to my home, my dining room table has a pretty gold and red pitcher holding a faux bouquet of roses–I live in the desert and roses don’t really grow here! I’m working on adding colorful flowers to the yard to bring inside–I have to overcome a VERY black thumb!! :)
    I put out fall placemats, too, and my son was quick to tell his friends, “Look at the fall napkins my mommy put on the table!” At least he noticed!!

  3. Until about a month ago, my kitchen table had papers all over it! But, I read FlyLady’s book and started working on it and I’m happy to say that the table has been empty (besides when we are eating) for the past few weeks. I have never had a centerpiece on the table (there was simply no room for one!) but right now I have a cloth pumpkin on it. I am so excited at the prospect of switching out centerpieces each month.

  4. Oh my goodness! I was literally going to pick some hydrangeas in my yard in just a minute. What’s not to love about flowers in your home. Dirty dishes are on my counter right now…

  5. Thanks for the info on Red Letter Words :)

  6. can i just say – i love you ??? your heart is so given to God.
    and i needed to hear what you had to say today

    thank you friend –

  7. Oh yes! Matter of fact, I can show you what’s on the table most days.

  8. We love fresh flowers, and have them growing in the yard. At this time of the year in Northern CA it is pretty HOT and most of my flowers are getting a bit tired. So this last week end for our Bar B Que for the kids, we went to the Farmers Market and picked up some Sunflowers for the tables, they always make me smile….. and they perk up any room!! Through out the year we try to keep fresh flowers in the house just because we love them!!
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  9. I also use flowers from my garden…right now the crepe myrtle and lavender set in a vase at my table.
    Always enjoy your tips.
    ps I’m kind of in a cleaning/organizing mood….kind of like nesting…but not sure why….myabe I should have a dinner party =)

  10. I always seem to have flowers on the kitchen table. They make me happy. Right now it’s hydrangeas from the yard. I love this time of year because they turn all different beautiful colors. I add in a few ferns and some fresh lavendar and I have a beautiful “free” centerpiece.

  11. I think fresh flowers brighten any room, clean or otherwise. I love to take advantage of what’s available in our own backyard as well. Always guaranteed to be in season and fresh, and free is good too!!

  12. i completely relate – last night a friend dropped in after a long marathon training run (and both my husband and i have been there…) and we asked her to stay for dinner – our house (having just moved in) is in utter disarry, the excitement on my table is currently a fruit bowl and jug we’re storing utensils in! but i completely was my mother’s daughter and ‘spruced up’ the area we’d be entertaining in – hiding magazines on top of a high shelf and stashing moving gear in the spare room!

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