Having fun and having joy are 2 different things. Fun is expensive; joy is free. -Joyce Meyer

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I’ve been thinking about this quote I read recently. Sometimes my happiness wanes, and then I stop and re-evaluate. Fun is based upon what we’re doing at a particular moment, but when that fun is over, how often do we lose our joy?

My hand is raised.

(Hi, Haggis!)

I think back to a few weeks ago when our Portland friends came down to Medford to spend the 4th with us. Yes, it takes effort to get ready for guests, but I can honestly say that it brings me joy to get my house in order and organized for company to come. Especially this family …

They have the happiest kids. They’re funny, cute, smart, interactive, creative – they make us smile.

Our last meal together, we made vegetarian tacos (why not–saute’ onions, spinach, Swiss chard – yum!), delicious watermelon …

And a little helper helped me make homemade ice cream. (My mom’s recipe on page 88 in my book.)

We left the same tablecloths and flowers on the table for 3 days!

The kitchen was a mess. A disaster, actually. But we eventually got it cleaned up.

I wanted to enjoy that last evening together. As I talked about at this at a recent conference, the best kind of entertaining is about “investing”–not impressing.

All of our kids together-3 teens and 3 toddlers-was a huge gift.

We never know when the exact combination will ever happen again.

The fun was over as our friends drove off. Yes, I did the laundry, put dishes away, scrubbed the floor, and picked up numerous Polly Pockets left around the house.

But … I did not lose my joy.

Was it all “fun?” (You know, the cleaning, putting stuff away …) No.

But joy comes from what’s inside of me. My true heart feelings about hospitality wells up inside and yes, I can’t wait for our friends to return.

How do you feel when summer guests leave your home?