Hello, friends! We’re back from NYC after a very exciting time at Carnegie Hall, where my daughter’s violin group played last week and won a very prestigious award (the only high school group to win the gold award). Abby’s in the middle (with the bun) as they are walking onto the stage … :)

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Re-entry from travels is always hard for me. So much to do … you know how it is. :)

Yesterday morning we woke up to “Dad” cooking breakfast.

My kids are used to their dad’s cooking, using unusual foods, this time with purple fingerling potatoes. I’ll post this easy recipe for these potato patties later, but for now I want to show you an easy way to garnish a plate with a strawberry.

Strawberries, especially when they are bright and big and juicy, are a beautiful way to garnish a plate. An easy method I learned years ago is to use an egg slicer.

Using an egg slicer to slice a strawberry gives you perfect slices.

Wash the berry.

Lay it stem side down in the egg slicer.

Gently pull the top of the slicer down and slice almost all the way through, but not quite.

Put the slicer back up.

Fan the berry out on a plate.

It’s really that simple. And who would have thought … an egg slicer?

Have you tried the egg slicer method for slicing strawberries?