Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer

This Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer is the perfect summer salad or appetizer to serve or bring to a party!

Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer
We’ve been cleaning through drawers and boxes and cubbies, and spaces that I did not know I even had, and the other day brought a nice surprise.

And a flood of memories.

Living in this house for 11 years, we hosted many outdoor parties for kids and adults. We went through a season of ping pong, swimming, Corn Hole, trampolines, and badminton.

Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer

And some great dinner parties.

Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer

Creative dinner party fun

This particular party, I think we had some sort of competition going on, and I vaguely remember the fun now …

It came down to 2 lively players.

A face-off, at the end of the night.

Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer

An invitation for the challenge …

“Dr. Conway, This end of the table requests a shuttle cock demo .. our 2 finest players. Us. You. …”

And the winner had a nice surprise of one year of coffee.

Which, I don’t think really happened.

But this is the kind of fun to have in your backyard, Friends.

Grab a napkin, be creative, get the group involved, and bring life to your party!

Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer

Since summer is right around the corner, the other night we had a couple over for a simple, summery meal (salad and bread), to say our last goodbyes.

Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer

With a melon on the counter, I looked around to see what I had in my kitchen.

Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer

Blue cheese and DeLallo balsamic glaze.

Perfect for a Melon Blue Cheese appetizer or salad! And, by the way, is also just as delicious on watermelon or Honey Dew!

Are you looking forward to summer entertaining?

Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer

Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer


  • 1 melon
  • 1/4 cup blue cheese
  • Balsamic glaze (I use DeLallo brand)


  1. Cut the melon in small chunks. Sprinkle with blue cheese; refrigerate.
  2. Right before serving, drizzle with balsamic glaze; serve!
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Melon Blue Cheese Appetizer

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  1. This is a great idea for an appetizer- so easy!  And yum!

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