One thing about blogging is that you generally receive nice comments (99.9% of the time), and then an occasional comment that is really critical. If you’re a blogger, you know what I mean.

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I so appreciate my faithful readers here at RE who know me and what my blog and message is about. Thank you!

Recently a reader said my “blog” and a “table post” was too bright and colorful, that my dishes were too-perfect, and she said I paid too much for my asparagus – which made me smile, because I bought it on sale right before Easter! (Ha! How did the reader know what I spent?)

Imperfect and inexpensive is what RE is about:
– I love a bright and cheery table.
– I most always use what I have in the house, this time, flowers from the yard (leftover roses from my daughter’s bouquet), and apples we are going to eat!
– If you notice, my son set the table and the silverware were placed in far from perfect order and spacing.
– I never pay too much for asparagus. I usually shop “what’s in season.”
– My white dishes are 20 years old in June this year (when my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary).
– My tablecloth is from Wal Mart.
– Paper napkins were left over from last year’s Easter meal.

Should I add that I shop at the Dollar Store? I love my $1 goblets.

Enough said …

Beautiful is a must, but expensive rarely happens in my house.

Moving on to the centerpiece …

Whoever thought you could mix fruit and flowers?

How to Make a Fruit and Flower Centerpiece
– Decide which tablecloth and napkins you’ll be using
– Choose a fruit that matches your “setting.”
– Stack your fruit on a plate or bowl, into a tier.
– Look for flowers that will match your “setting.”
– Cut the stems short and place in the holes between the stacked fruit.

So beautiful and simple.

Do you have a Springy, simple and easy centerpiece that you’ve recently made for entertaining table?