Open Outdoor Space Makes Entertaining Easy!

I absolutely love Spring, especially when I get to clean off our back patio and start dreaming about long, hot, summer nights of entertaining with family and friends.

What I love about our outdoor entertaining space is that there’s not much I have to do.

When we bought this house 6 years ago, it was here for us to enjoy. Our plan is to eventually replace the 8 foot slider with French doors, but that is down the road (when children are through with school and college – like a zillion years away).

For now, we don’t let that stop our entertaining moments. Things will never be perfect and that is okay.

I think we all have to fight off stagnation and either move things around or freshen things up. We can decorate the same way, year after year, or we can try new ideas. I try purposely to see things with fresh eyes, and keep a good attitude about the things that I have.

If we focused on the things we don’t like about our homes, we’d never say “yes” to inviting people in!

There’s plenty I’d love to change about our side-yard area, one “dreamy” idea would be to add an outdoor kitchen. We’d put it to good use, but I also know it’s far from reality.

For 5 months, our outdoor space is like having an outdoor family room that’s larger than our indoor one:

-We purchased our sectional 5 years ago and it has held up excellently in the elements.
-Love the reversible cushions that can change the design of the room.
-We took 2 coffee tables from our “old set” and put them side by side, adding a table runner to make it look like ONE table.
-Spray painted the $2 yard sale lamp black and added a new shade.
-The other items came from home stores on clearance or was very inexpensive.

Cozy–a place where our family hangs all spring, summer, and fall–we have about 6 months of togetherness.

Freshening up the back area:
-Blow the back area of dirt, dust, and leaves
-Clean off the tables with Windex
-Move pictures around
-Add a table runner
-Put a tray down
-Add a Springy wreath, and some kind of decor item that ties in with the outdoor theme
-Place pillows around that also tie in

And enjoy the moments.

No matter what the size, what do you love about your outdoor space?

23 comments on “Open Outdoor Space Makes Entertaining Easy!”

  1. Improving a home might seem like a challenge for many, but consider the priceless advantages it gives! Your outdoor space will be a great addition to your home. Some families with children at times think twice about adding their little paradise in the property due to safety reasons but there are various solutions available like railing systems for decks and porches and other additions to safeguard the kids. Keep up good home improvement work!

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  8. What a fabulous space! Wish we lived closer! I would love to come visit. I’d bring the wine! :) Our outdoor space isn’t quite so large, but we still stay out quite a bit and hang out by the firepit. We love sharing time with friends and family outside around the fire, roasting marshmallows or throwing a link of deer sausage on the pit. Conversation always seems better outside around the fire, and dinner always tastes better outside on the porch. :)
    Have a great weekend,

  9. Your outdoor space is so inviting!!! Love the sectional, have been looking for one here in the Redding area, but so far haven’t found one…. oh well gives us something to want! Our deck is 12x 24 and it is completely furnished with garage and yard sale finds….. I have spent no more than $25 for any on piece. They are all unified with my every trusty spray paint!!!! Some years they are all white, others they are black and one year I even painted them all gray…. I am very fortunate that my wife sews. As I am the visionary one, with all the great idea’s, and can located and buy the fabric, but Sherrie makes the majic happen, she makes all of our cushion covers and pillows for all of the outdoor furniture. Thank you for sharing your wonderful outdoor space with us!
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

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  11. I always admire your back patio area! It is beautiful and I love that you did with inexpensive resources.

    We don’t have much of an outdoor entertaining area. I would like to get some tables and chairs for our back porch which is covered. Eventually we’d love to have a concrete patio that extends off the porch.

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  13. Your outdoor space looks so inviting. Last year we got our patio set and small fountain. This year I hope to add a few potted flowers/plants. Thank you for the reminder to keep my eyes open at garage sales for outdoor items.

    We have a fairly large back patio area which I enjoy. Most of all I love that we are a family that loves to be outside… :-)

  14. Your space is so beautiful and livable!

    I love our little backyard because it gives our kids so much joy! They make “bee soup” in the bird bath – in case you don’t know, that’s bird bath water mixed with flowers and leaves for the bees to enjoy – and snack on the few fruits and veggies we grow. Our kids and their friends get dirty and mess things up (they’re still pretty young), but they have so much fun doing it! And the older ones loooove laying on the hammock in the shade to read.

    I’m looking forward to someday having a more nicely decorated and landscaped yard, and like you an outdoor kitchen! Love the thought of a fire pit and a gazebo for our patio, too. Hopefully soon (over the next couple years) I can figure out a way to move more towards all of that without stifling the adventures the kids are free to have now.

  15. I love your outdoor space, Sandy. My backyard isn’t perfect, but it’s my sanctuary. When we bought this house in 1989, the backyard was a show-stopper, with huge decks and landscaping to die for. Through the years, Father Time took its toll and I’m afraid we didn’t keep it up during the busy years. The decks eventually were torn down. While I hope to have new decks one day, we installed a fabric gazebo in the meantime. It’s held up really well and is now one of my favorite things about my outdoor space. As you say, your home is never perfect; you just have to work with what you have.

  16. It’s lovely. I just spent the last 3 hours mowing and clipping and pulling mine…. before the rains come! I’m tempted to take a magic carpet ride right on over to your place, because it is absolutely serene. I could use a serene moment, and maybe a glass of sun tea. :-) Cheers!

  17. “If we focused on the things we don’t like about our homes, we’d never say “yes” to inviting people in!”

    SO TRUE!! Let go of that perfection and just have fun! Well, you will always find things that you wish you could change about your space [we are all like that!] but I say what you have going is perfect! I’d love to come hang out on that comfy sectional and drink minty iced tea and chat. It’s a beautiful space, but it’s the company that really makes it meaningful!

  18. We have a fire pit with adirondack chairs around it, I love how relaxed everyone always seems when we are out there. Peaceful. I love your spot!

  19. Oh wow is that inviting!!

    My outdoor space needs a serious overhaul (and that costs money). Perhaps that is something I can keep an eye out for when we garage sale this year. :)

    I would love to pretty up my small patio space and maybe get a cushion for my wooden bench (and of course stain it). Some hanging flowers would add a nice touch, too!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Sandy! :)

  20. Good morning! What an awesome idea putting the two tables together. It all looks do pretty. My favorite thing about our deck area is catching our children taking summer cat naps in the warm sunshine. Have a great day. Xo

  21. I’ve been working on sprucing up our outdoor space. We’ve got a 10×10 patio with a metal gazebo. We painted the gazebo and got a new cover. I really want to splurge on new patio furniture, but I’m having trouble parting with the money. But I’m so tired of the 10 year old plastic chairs we’ve been using.

  22. I love your outdoor space. I love that ours is screened in for the most part. It keeps most pesky bugs away, like love bugs that are EVERYWHERE right now and mosquitos and such.
    I hope to turn ours into a Florida room some day but THAT is waaaayyy down the road as well.
    Have a blessed day my friend.

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