Windex dinner party story

What’s the best way to clean windows, and counters, bathrooms and appliances? I say host a dinner party and get some early party cleaning done, because there’s nothing like knowing guests are coming!

My sister was recently in the kitchen helping me prepare for a dinner party, and I was running around like a crazy woman with a bottle of Windex in my hand. Mission accomplished, I quickly touched up the places I felt needed a “sparkle,” like the counters and kitchen window that gets easily spattered.

At 6 pm sharp, the guests were arriving, and I looked over by the kitchen sink to see the bottle of Windex sitting there, along with a soiled rag.

I laughed to myself, and then pointed it out to my sister, saying … I always leave the Windex on the counter. Sigh …

Secret revealed: Windex is my best friend when entertaining. It’s the best quick and easy cleaner for windows, appliances, and bathroom sinks.

I’ve cleaned up after big parties only to look over and find the bottle still sitting there, tucked off to the side. It had been sitting there all along. It’s hard, when entertaining to not miss something.

Windex on counter

I usually scan the kitchen before guests come, but it’s never perfect. Never.

Flawless entertaining is not what my home, parties, or even blog is about. Rather, it’s about a celebration of life and an invitation to spend time with the people we love – toasting, tasting, telling stories, listening, loving, and enjoying the wonderful flavors that nature (our garden) and others (we always delegate portions of the meal) have to offer.

So a few weekends ago, this party happened.

And the Windex sat on the counter. :)

No one said a word about the Windex, and to be honest, probably didn’t even notice.

What would your reaction be if you left cleaning supplies out on the counter at your dinner party?

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