Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter

Make a Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter for your next gathering, delicious for any brunch or holiday, with juicy pears, cheese, and salami.

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter

Friends, Happy Good Friday! With the lovely ranunculus that I bought this week from Trader Joe’s, I move them from place to place, to be able to enjoy them in different sunlight. Do you ever do that? I love this time of year, with so many spring flowers.

I was thinking about hosting, and having people into our homes, about how stressful it can be. So today I’m sharing a few things that I’ve learned along the way.

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter

I love a natural kind of entertaining, one that is comfortable and right.

Comfortable (making people feel warm and welcome), and my style (casual and cozy, and sometimes pretty). I’m usually organized, I know what I’m cooking, what others are bringing, and I try to have everything ready when the guests knock on the door, so I can enjoy them.

I want entertaining to be right. Right for me, my family, what works for us, and I’m not going to look around and compare my blessings with what other people have.

That is a true hospitality robber, as comparing wastes time, and just feels really yucky, friends. Don’t do it! Stop yourself! The minute we fall into this trap, it overshadows any natural God-given ability we may have. We have to be comfortable in our own skins!

When our hearts are right, we can open our homes and really enjoy what hospitality is all about.

I also think about over-committing. I say invite the number of people that don’t stress you out (let’s say 4, instead of 12!), and cook what comes naturally to you, like cookies, if that is all you can make. LOL

I actually love to make the main dish, and maybe an appetizer. Ask your guests to bring a salad and dessert! Meal is planned!

Lastly, don’t try to do it all. Include your family in getting ready, and set a standard that is “good enough,” but not necessarily perfect. I’ve caught myself many times wanting to fix something, wanting to make it “better,” but then I let it go. Because my kids were watching, I didn’t want them to think their effort wasn’t good enough.

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter

Today I’m sharing a beautiful appetizer platter for a party, luncheon, dinner, or even Easter brunch!

If you’re like our family, and love salmon, add in the pears, cheese and salami.

Your favorite jelly and crackers.

Don’t forget the knife … and plenty of napkins!


Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter
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Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter


  • 3 pears
  • Smoked sockeye salmon
  • Salami
  • White cheese
  • Roasted hazelnuts
  • Crackers
  • Marionberry pepper jelly or any pepper jelly


  • Slice the pears, salami, and cheese thinly. Lay on a platter.
  • Lay out the salmon, adding the crackers and nuts.
  • Place the jelly in a small bowl with a spoon.
  • Serve!

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter

5 comments on “Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter”

  1. Salmon often becomes the main dish instead of appetizer, but smoked salmon with cheese, pears, salami, jelly and crackers are a good start before you jump into the main dish. Perfect! I would love to try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. yum! Sounds good! I’ll have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It’s so true that it’s important to do what’s right for you! I’m more of a “buffet” kind of girl. Very casual, but I like everything ready and I save clean up (except stuff that needs to go back in the fridge), til after company leaves. Depending on the situation, I will delegate portions of the meal or there have been times I’ve done it all, but kept it simple. I don’t often do an appetizer, even though I love them.

  4. I love it Sandy! I feel exactly the same, be organized, pick one or two things to make, give others the joy of contributing and breath! It’s all about the people, not the food, decor or otherwise, though I do get caught up in that too often and have to catch myself!  Have a beautiful Easter weekend! He is Risen!

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