These Spritzy Apple Cider Floats are delicous to serve at a Halloween or Harvest party, and even better if served with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Spritzy Apple Cider Floats |

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Spending time with people always makes sense to me, because I’m a people person. But not everyone is a people person, so sometimes I feel led to help others feel more connected.

There’ve been times in my life where people have connected with me, or my husband, and what a gift that was!

So why not pass on the gift of sharing your friends and connections with others?

Creating community.

I call it creating community, where we glean, learn, and benefit from experiences, sharing of wisdom, and relationships building.

It’s an important part of life, and without it, our lives can be very shallow, lonely and … sad.

Spritzy Apple Cider Floats |

Earlier this week I hosted a few ladies for dinner. Oh, and I served these yummy Spritzy Apple Cider Floats for dessert, but more in a bit.

A spark.

This is how it this party came to be. It started with a spark, an idea … (that’s how beautifully hospitality works!), and then it just flowed. I planned a simple menu, and it all came together.

I’m having this thing. I like you. I think you should meet so-and-so. Wanna come?

The doorbell rang.

Table was set for 8.

Ages 29-53 … a balanced group.

I took note as the night advanced: Ladies exchanging contacts, sharing stories, relating experiences, contagious laughter.

My small role.

My role was small. I created a safe space, planned a simple menu, set the table, cleaned my house a little, turned on some music, had wine and a simple appetizer ready when the guests walked in the door.

The rest was supernatural, out of my control, something I did not want to control, something I love about hospitality.

I love sitting back and observing a true love for others, being able to listen, feel, hug, know when to speak at the right time.

Creating Community with Spritzy Apple Cider Floats

I also so appreciate Henri Nouwen’s words: Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place.

I wrote about Henri several times in my book (many moons ago). He’s been a hero of mine for years.

I love it when I see quotes of his on social media, blog conferences, and other people “get” his whole message on hospitality.

Spritzy Apple Cider Floats.

Now for the Spritzy Apple Cider Float recipe, inspired by my friend, Sue, who brought us a jug of apple cider {a thank you when I shared these sweet rolls with her}. Here’s everything you need: Ice cream (premium  is best), apple cider, ginger ale, and optional caramel whipped cream.

Spritzy Apple Cider Floats |

After our dinner party, I had already set my new Dollar Store cute blue glasses and spoons off to the side, so I gathered the ingredients to make these yummy floats, brought them to the table, and we enjoyed this Halloween-ish treat as our last course.

A perfect way to end the night!

Does hospitality in your life feel rigid, or free flowing?

Spritzy Apple Cider Floats |

Spritzy Apple Cider Floats |
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Spritzy Apple Cider Floats

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  • 1-2 scoops ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s Cinnabun is the best
  • Apple Cider
  • Ginger Ale
  • Caramel whipped cream, optional


  • Place 1-2 scoops of ice cream in a glass.
  • Fille the glass 3/4 full with apple cider.
  • Fill the rest with ginger ale.
  • Top with sprayed whipped cream {optional).
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