Taking a Meal Doesn’t Have to be Gourmet

List your blessings and you will walk through the gates of thanksgiving and into the fields of joy. –Garrison Keillor

One thing that I’m thankful for during this month of November, is the blessing of provision, and the fact that we can bless others.

Even if it’s a simple meal, like the one we took our friends last week when their mother passed away.

Food bridges the gap between ourselves and others.

It also provides comfort in time of need.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or over-complicated.

I think too many times we want to impress others, or we put expectations on ourselves that if we bring a meal to someone, it better be of a certain caliber.

Where do these silly thoughts come from?

My goal in bringing a meal to a family, is to not only provide nourishment, but to provide comfort and love.

When others go through trying times, it’s the perfect time for us to step in and help out.

Whether a good cook or not, I really think we’re all called to hospitality.

My meal for “3” people:
1. Turkey Soup
2. Green Salad packed with fresh veggies
3. Small jar of chocolates

I had made turkey soup the night before. It was exactly what this family needed, I was sure. :)

I knew they were healthy eaters and loved salads, so I put a salad together in a Ziploc bag.

I also knew they weren’t eating desserts during the week, so why tempt them with a big cake or pie?

I wanted to respect their wishes, so I took a few little treats and put them in a small canning jar.

A little sweet treat for them to “nosh on” if and when they desired. But not the pressure to ruin their diet with a big high-calorie cake.

Sharing the gift of food is something we can do.

It’s showing that we love and care.

I can guarantee it will bring thanksgiving and joy to others, even in hard times.

When’s the last time you reached out and shared with a family in need?

16 comments on “Taking a Meal Doesn’t Have to be Gourmet”

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  2. It is SCAPES! Oh boy, I love pickled saecps.Vic and I were in Vermont in October and stopped in a typically New England autumn fair. There we got a jar of saecps, pickled eggs, and pumpkin jam. I hear pumpkin is not ideal for jam making, but this stuff was amazing and really more like candy than something you would eat on toast. I can’t even recall the toast. The Scapes we served at a party. Nearly everyone really liked them. I would eat them once a week if I could. The eggs are still unopened.I very much like your flier. It is fancy.

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  4. Simpler is always better, I say!

  5. Absolutely! Whenever I bring a meal to a friend or family member in need – I always bring something hearty and filling. Comfort food, if you will. Because you usually need comforting!

    I often like to bring over my golden harvest soup – any orange or yellow vegetable in the fridge goes in; carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin….spices added depend on who is getting the soup. Spicier for some, and sweeter for others. Depending on food/ allergy issues, this can be made vegan and dairy free. However, I particularly like it with homemade chicken or ham stock and a dollop of cream.

    Whatever the fine tuning is, the soup is a wonderful thing! It keeps for ages and is easily heated up for a quick, filling and nourishing meal!

  6. Just before I read this I was putting together some chicken noodle soup and banana bread for a friend having surgery today. She won’t know until she wakes up if they had to remove her thumb due to infection in the bone. She is a foster parent and a wonderful person. I made two banana bundt breads, I will cut both in half and give to other friends as well. It makes me feel thankful that I had the day off to be able to take time to do some extra things for some in need today.

  7. your meal looks so delicious! YUM :)
    i took a meal last week to a mama who just had baby #6, and am taking another this week to a another family with a new blessing baby.
    when we had meals brought after the birth of caleb in september, it was the *little* touches that meant so much and stood out: the little bag of hershey’s kisses, the fun soda to go with the meal. so this week, in addition to my “tex mex” dish, i am packing these yummy and decadent trader joe’s cookies and a bottle of fun cranberry sparkling cider!

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more with what you said in this post. Food does bind people together even in the hardest of times and it’s so sweet of you to do this. I definitely need to take up some of these tips and make a give-away meal for some families this holiday season. I just would love to see the smiles on their faces! :)

  9. You are truly the sweetest. Can’t wait until we can finally meet!

  10. Last month a friend was in pain. I grabbed a pork shoulder, braised it and tossed the pulled pork in a container. Made my 15-Minute corn soup and divided that in single servings. Then, while I was packing the bag, I reached in my freezer and tossed in some “pasta and veggies” and whatever else was in containers.

    It wasn’t pretty. No bows.
    (Speed was important.)

    The containers were my everyday ones – used and abused.
    (So, there’s no need for her to feel like she has to ever get them back to me.)

    But, it was there quickly – and I think probably tasted good.
    Hopefully, she felt loved.

    ~ Dana

  11. So sweet, and I’m so thankful for the chances we have to help others. It’s truly the best gift in the world! We’ve been putting together boxes full of food for families over Thanksgiving, and shoeboxes of gifts for kids overseas for Christmas. And you know what? I don’t really want anything for myself now – I’d rather give!

  12. Our church is studying the life of Elijah, and did you know that the story of Elijah is filled with several occasions where God blessed with food? Sometimes the references are subtle, but nonetheless, God chose to include them in his word. This is the second time He’s used these references to speak volumes to me about the power of hospitality and sharing food. I love how your post piggybacks on this theme for me this week! I’m sharing it on my Facebook page. Bless you!

  13. Looks wonderful. Even if you don’t cook something that can just be put in the oven is a nice thought.

  14. Yesterday! Roasted tomato soup from my freezer (made in August, perfect for using up any “ugly” tomatoes!) green salad, and homemade bread. But the only thing that really mattered was the homemade bread. It’s like an edible hug…and my engineer husband has become an expert at it! So we make it to go along with any meal we give away.

    We often will give one fresh meal, and another pan of frozen – when we make up baked ziti or penne, we’ll make a ton and freeze it in pans to give away. That way they get a meal for their freezer to pull out later.

  15. Absolutely! The last time I cooked a meal for someone, I made a huge batch of roasted chicken and vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions). I took them enough for 2 meals and also included a nice loaf of bread from a local bakery. It was such a simple idea and was a hit with the family. (I skipped the dessert because they weren’t dessert people.) I’d definitely do it again the next time I need to bring a meal to a family.

  16. When I take meals to people, I like to keep it simple. Comfort foods always come to mind, like casseroles, baked pasta or soup. A nice side salad and a crusty loaf of bread round out the meal!

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