Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders are a delicious snack, lunch, dinner, or potluck dish to bring to a game day or holiday party! 

Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders

Friends, the beautiful Christmas lights are up in Sunriver, where we live! And we’re taking leftover Thanksgiving turkey and making my favorite Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders with red apples!

Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders

Add your favorite cheese, but of course we love the traditional cheddar cheese with apples. But wait, there’s a secret ingredient!

Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders

But first, let the festivities begin!

We enjoyed friends here for a weekend, and headed out to hike Benham Falls.

Before the hike, I whipped up a pan of sliders, and served them with a side of fruit, chips, dips, veggies … it was basically leftover munchies from Thanksgiving.

How to make Turkey Sliders

Sliders are super easy to make in one pan.

Line a 9×13 pan with foil.

Cut the rolls in half.

Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders

Layer the rolls with mustard (or a jalapeno jelly), turkey, fresh apple slices (leave the skins on), and sharp cheddar cheese.

Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders

Place the top layer of buns on top. Cover again with foil.

Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders

Bake, and don’t forget the last step: Rub the top of the sliders with butter, and bake an additional 5 minutes, to get the top of the buns toasty!

We enjoyed so much beauty, before the snow came.

Every day, we try to get out in the great outdoors, especially when company comes to visit.

Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders

Hiking just brings out the best in people.

You talk about life, the things that matter.

Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders

And it always helps if you start off the hike content with a full tummy (but not too full, of course).

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9x13 pan of turkey cheddar apple sliders

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