Birthday Party: Sushi Sandwiches are Easy!

These Birthday Party Sushi Sandwiches are easy for lunches, snacks, or party food!


My guest today is Amy from Living Locurto. I call Amy’s site “Party Central” for any kind of a kid party you are thinking about – she has some great ideas to help you out!

Hi I’m Amy from Living Locurto, a blog about parties, food, crafts and free printables. I’m excited to be guest posting here today! I love to entertain and a big fan of the stay at home birthday party. I have many fond memories of my birthdays and all I had was a cake and a few friends! Making special birthday memories can be fun and easy.

I threw my daughter a fun mermaid party and the sushi sandwiches were the big hit and they were the easiest thing I made! So I thought it would be a good thing to share with you today.

Whether you entertain for kids or adults, everyone will love this easy to make dish.


Amy and I would love to hear your favorite kid party that you have been to, or a favorite easy snack that you prepared?


Birthday Party: Sushi Sandwiches are Easy
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Birthday Party Sushi Sandwiches

Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins


  • Whipped Cream Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese Slices
  • 1-2 Cucumbers
  • Turkey
  • Mustard optional
  • White Sandwich Bread


  • Slice the cheddar cheese and cucumber into long thin pieces.
  • Cut the crusts off the bread.
  • Roll the cheese, cucumbers, cream cheese and turkey up in a piece of white bread. I also added mustard to some.
  • Slice the roll in half. Slicing with a knife helps make the roll stick.
  • Place on a plate like real sushi and watch your guests eat them up!

If you love birthday parties like me, you can find easy to make party printables in my shop. Hope you’ll stop by! -Amy

Living Locurto is published by Amy Locurto, a graphic designer and mom of two. Amy owns Atomic Egg and is also co-owner of a photography web site I Heart Faces. Here you can find her free printables, menu plans, recipes, fun party ideas and crafts.

21 comments on “Birthday Party: Sushi Sandwiches are Easy!”

  1. This is so wonderful and cute!

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  4. I wanna try sandwich sushi for my kids. They will love it
    and it is healthy for kids. Great ideas for kids party. :)

  5. Sandy,
    You’re book is wonderful and lovely, just like you! Thank you so much. I plan to make something from the book this Friday for my luncheon and tell my peeps about your beautiful way of entertaining!
    love you,

  6. The sandwich sushi is such a cute idea – I think I will make these for my kiddos this weekend!


  7. What a great idea – and so simple! I’ve not been to Amy’s before so I’ll have to check her blog out.

  8. This is so wonderful and cute! My family would just get a kick out of this. I am a HUGE sushi lover and they are not so this would be a neat thing to make to have a laugh. :) Thanks so much Amy for the recipe and how-to!

  9. Amy is mad talented. She is both creative and talented.

    A great combo!


  10. What a cute idea! so simple to do yet so effective! Love it!

  11. Sushi Sandwiches is so delicious and yummy. I love it.

  12. These look so cute AND yummy! Great idea!

  13. Thanks for having me as a guest today Sandy!! It’s so much fun being over here. Congrats on the new book:-)

  14. I love Amy! She has some really amazing and doable ideas. Love this idea for sushi. My kiddos will love this. I just might try it for their lunch tomorrow! :)

  15. I love the sushi sandwich idea. They are like the new age “tea sandwiches” very clever and very easy! They scream summer to me!

  16. Love the sushi sandwich idea!

  17. What a great idea!!! Yummy!!

  18. What a super cute idea. I absolutely love it and will be trying it out very soon for myself.

  19. I’m so excited to hear that Amy has a blog! I enjoy I Heart Faces so much – I’m anxious to see her other blog! :)

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