Of course our homes don’t need to be perfect for hospitality, and mine never is. Today I’m sharing my Cluttered House Entryway Confession (and how I organized it), along with Melissa Michael’s new book, Simple Organizing, 50 Ways to Clear the Clutter.

Cluttered House Entry Way Confession: Simple Organizing Book!

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Friends, we miss so many opportunities when we stress about the stuff around us. I think it’s a heart attitude, and sometimes it just takes a focus adjustment. I love to throw a party with all the bells and whistles, but when it comes down to it, I’m just trying to make an enjoyable time for my friends. So when things don’t go quite right, I don’t get stressed, I figure I gave everyone else permission to not be perfect, and God gave me an opportunity to stay humble. :o)

Cluttered house

As for our homes, the structure and discipline of keeping my home somewhat organized and clean helps my hosting go much better. But I’m telling you here today (hand raised high), things get out of control. FAST. I do at times have a cluttered house! And when last-minute entertaining happens, or people just drop in, I have to go with the flow and be flexible!

Simple Organizing, 50 Ways to Clear the Clutter, by Melissa Michaels, is a new book about simple ways we can pare down and organize what we need in our home. This book showed up just in time this past week, and it’s available to order today!

Cluttered House Entry Way Confession: Simple Organizing Book Giveaway

Too much stuff out of place causes us to feel disorganized, which leaves us feeling stressed.

And once I organize a space, awh … it feels so much better. It feels fresh and inspiring.

Clutter Confession

My clutter confession this week? Our catch-all, messy ENTRYWAY.

This area stresses me out, because it’s the first thing that people see when they walk into our home!

Everyone tosses their hats, gloves, dog leashes, shoes … and as you can imagine, things pile up.

Cluttered House Entry Way Confession

I’ve told my hubby for a long time, we need to do something about this! HA. Don’t you love how I put it on him?

He built me a new box to slide under the bench, to hold all the miscellaneous stuff, and it just took a little organizing to get it whipped into a fresh, new look! I’ve used Melissa’s cleaning and organzing tips before in my home, so I can’t recommend this book enough.

After … awh. SO much nicer! Oh, and that’s Alder the Whoodle (who’s now 9 months old!) And if you want to view more of our Mountain Home, you can browse through all my posts!

Cluttered House Entry Way Confession: Simple Organizing Book

Simple Organizing Book Launch

Melissa’s book, Simple Organizing, 50 Ways to Clear the Clutter, isn’t about making everything perfect though. It’s about taking action in simple ways to make your home serve your needs. It’s not about creating perfect order or Instagram-worthy spaces, but rather creating a home that inspires us, and works for our needs. Amen to that.

I want to have people over all the time, but sometimes I have to let go of my “clean house” expectations.

Simple Organizing

Friends, get this book! It will not only inspire you to create more order (spring cleaning is here!), but it’s also a great gift idea.