A Cozy Outdoor Living Space is a warm, inviting outdoor living space to gather, sit, eat, and drink with friends. A space for connection and friendship.

Cozy Outdoor Living Space - Alder the Whoodle

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What happens in a Cozy Outdoor Living Space? This place is where we sit and get to know new people, and catch up with old friends.

Or, new friends. (And that’s Alder the Whoodle, if you’re wanting to know who the cute dog is!)

Outdoor Living Space

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat”. – Laura Ingalls

Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Does this space always look this perfect? Well … no. We tidied it up a bit to take these photos (of course).

I love fall for its beauty and colors, but then again, it’s imperfections.

Cozy Living Space

Already our beautiful summer plants are looking brown and dying.

The leaves are falling. The beauty of things that are slightly off.

Cozy Outdoor Living Space - Target pillows

Longer nights, preparing for winter. But oh, the vibrant colors!

Cozy Outdoor Living Space - eat and drink

3 steps to creating a cozy outdoor living space

1. Embrace the space you have and learn to love it. What we love about our back deck is that it’s wide and open. With no covering, we get to enjoy nature around us. We’ve talked about putting up a shade or awning, but that would just ruin the space.

2. Make sure seating is comfortable. Whether you are needing some personal R&R, or are entertaining a few people, comfortable seating is going to make or break how much time is spent in your outdoor living space. My hubby built me this Sunset Magazine Inspired DIY Outdoor Sectional, and we bought the larger, thicker cusions from Target!

3. Adding rugs and pillows and a throw to an outdoor living space is a great way to add color, textures, and comfort. Just make sure to bring the pillows indoor if the rain comes (like this weekend).

Cozy Outdoor Living Space - candle

Add a candle or two. It’s amazing how adding a flame to an outdoor space makes everything feel perfectly cozy. Flameless candles are a great alternative, too.

Cozy Outdoor Living Space - pillows for fall

It’s the last few days of September and soon we’ll be putting away the cushions.

Folding the blankets and putting the pillows in storage.

Making a few of these Real Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe (so good!)

Cozy Outdoor Living Space - Alder

Cozy Fall Outdoor Living Space

Winding down with the transition to …. rain, cold, snow. (Again, Alder the Whoodle:) Drinks to serve outside: How to Make Iced Coffee [RecipeGirl], Hot Russian Tea Mix Recipe [RE], and

Cozy Outdoor Living Space

But for now, I’m soaking in every day of beauty and mid-day sunshine on my shoulders.

Cozy Outdoor Living Space - fall space

Very soon, we’ll be blowing out the candles of our cozy outdoor living space!

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Cozy Outdoor Living Space - for FALL