Alder the Whoodle: One year old!

Our Whoodle puppy is one year old today! Yes, Alder the Whoodle (a poodle + wheaten terrier) has been a part of our family for almost a year, and today he is one year old! We’re owners of a Whoodle (Alder) and a Cairn Terrier (Haggis), so basically we are a “Terrier family!

Alder the Whoodle: One year old!

Alder the Whoodle is one year old today! We wish we could have baked him a cake, but instead, he gets to go on a walk, lay in the water, play in the mud, chase birds and squirrels (don’t worry, he doesn’t get them), and hang out with his buddy, Haggis Barley McStitch (our Cairn Terrier who is 14 years old).

Oh, and enjoy one of these DIY How to make Apple Carrot Dog Biscuits (one of my most popular videos on RE right now!)

Whoodle puppy

This little Whoodle (Poodle and Wheaten Terrier mix–Poodles are the new kale) has changed our lives forever. We never thought we’d be those people, but we have turned into those people. You know, the ones that gush on and on about their dog. (sigh)

Alder: Whoodle puppy

Now don’t get us wrong, we still get our work done and take care of business in our mountain home, but with a Whoodle staring at you 24/7, wanting to go outside and play play, play, play … it’s hard to say no. (He loves, loves, loves the snow!)

Whoodle puppy: snow

And those eyes. It’s like there’s a little human in there.

Alder the Whoodle Valentine's Day

We swear Alder the Whoodle knows what we’re thinking, like there’s a tiny mind-reading person intercepting our brainwaves, telling us, “You want to go outside … you want to go outside.”

Alder the Whoodle: Deschutes River

His recent adventures? Canoeing on the Deschutes River with the family. He loved it!

Whoodle puppy: kitchen counter

And we’ve recently broke a bad habit: Paws up on the counter, checking out what to nibble on!

Whoodle = Poodle + Wheaten Terrier

Here’s a rundown of the Whoodle.

Alder the Whoodle PUPPY: One year old!

Our breeder told us that they are eager to please. And he’s right. Cough. Eager to please themselves. (Above, his place to hang out and watch the deer outside.)

Alder the Whoodle: One year old

He’s very affectionate, mostly obedient, yet still has enough of that terrier spirit to have a mind of his own.

Alder the Whoodle: One year old - Mt. Bachelor

And those poodle brains. He’s smart enough to vote! (HE LOVES THE OUTDOORS!)

He’s also very sensitive, the snowflake of the canine world. A gentle word and tone go a long way with this breed. And, if you don’t like dog hair (like us) … a Whoodle is fantastic!

Alder the Whoodle: One year old (Sunriver, OR)

What we didn’t know about this breed was how fast they are. Alder can cook (well, not literally)! We had to buy a Chuckit Ball Launcher, because not only was he wearing our arms out, we couldn’t throw it far enough, because he loves a head start.

Alder the Whoodle: BALL IS LIFE

If he wore a t-shirt it would read, “The Ball is LIFE.” He treats chasing his ball like an Olympic sport. He modified his runs, and sometimes will even moonwalk in order to get a better angle on the throw. So far we’ve only seen one other dog outrun him in our neighborhood, and it was a very twitchy male Whippet.

Alder the Whoodle: half moon eyes

So today, in honor of Alder’s first birthday, let’s sing Happy Birthday together! Oh, and if you’re not following me on Instagram (@SandyCoughlinRE), you’re really missing out on my fun stories (almost daily).

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Alder …..

Happy Birthday to you!

FLUFFY Alder the Whoodle: One year old!

We love you, Alder Bear.

Alder the Whoodle: One year old!!

7 comments on “Alder the Whoodle: One year old!”

  1. I love reading about Alder! My Finnegan is just over 6 months old and he is the love of my life (Shhh don’t tell the rest of my family). What is the shortest haircut that you have gone with him? I don’t want to lose the puppy look but I have been bringing him to areas with ticks and he would prefer walking and running to getting checked after the walks so I think I have to go shorter for the summer.

    • Hi, Mary! We use 3 on his body and legs and an O clip on his head and face. Or, I should say our groomer does. Whoodles def. need summer cuts!

  2. What a handsome boy! We have a 6-month-old Whoodle named Frankie, he looks very similar :) When did Alder get his first proper haircut? We’ve had Frankie’s hair trimmed around the eyes and sensitive areas but not an actual cut yet… though he is looking like he’s ready for one soon. Love the puppy hair but it’s warming up and he runs super hot! Thanks!

  3. Hello! I live in Washington state and would love to know the name of the breeder you got Alder from. I really like what I’m learning about the Whoodle mix and interested in potentially getting one! Thank you.

  4. My wife and I live in Chicago and we just got a whoodle pup in May. Poppy is now almost 9 months old and she got her first snow yesterday! She LOVED it! She’s just like Alder. She lives to please us, while still being a punk. She loves her ball more than anything and always gets a headstart. She explores everything and even figured out how to climb, not jump, over pet gates. They are the best mix of dog and she’s a barrel full of laughs and fun.

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