This post is about How to Cut and Preserve Fresh Peonies for Entertaining! Freshly cut from the garden, fill a container with room temperature water, and quickly place the peonies in the water. To cut the peonies, make sure and use sharp shears, cutting about 1 inch of the stem diagonally.

How to Cut and Preserve Fresh Peonies for Entertaining

Peony season is here and I can’t be any happier. I think they are my favorite springtime flower. They are just so … stunning! They’re great for spring and summer entertaining!

Summer How to Cut and Preserve Fresh Peonies for Entertaining

How to Cut and Preserve Fresh Peonies for Entertaining

We have peonies in the front of our house and some in the back. But the big question I always wrestle with is:

1. Do I leave in the in the yard to enjoy? For our neighbors to enjoy?

2. Do I bring them inside to enjoy on my kitchen counter? (watch out for the ants!)

3. Do I cut them for a centerpiece for a dinner party?

I have to say, it’s a hard decision. I like all of the answers.

How to Cut and Preserve Fresh Peonies

This year, I decided to cut and use for our dinner party we had last Saturday night in our backyard.

Fresh Peonies

When to cut peonies

I’ve done my research and peonies are supposed to be cut while still in the bud. In other words, don’t wait for them to flower (even though they are gorgeous when they start to flower).

The flowers are just starting to bud where the color is showing but the petals haven’t started to open.

I’ve noticed that when I’ve gone to pick my peonies, early morning is best because I can still find the buds not opened.

How to Cut and Preserve Fresh Peonies!

How to cut peonies

You can take most of the stem when cutting the flowers, leaving some foliage on the plant, or cut all of the stem. If you cut all of the stem don’t do it on every flower. You don’t want to effect the growth for the next year’s growing season. I ended up having to take off the leaves, for my display in tall clear glasses.

How to preserve peonies

If you cut the flowers as suggested above, they will last longer in a vase. They may be a bud for that day, but will probably open the next day.

You can also wrap the peonies in plastic and store in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use them.

I’ve been saving clear bottles and wine bottles. (By the way, use Goo Gone for easy label remover!)

Fill with water.

Line a table.

Fresh Peonies for Entertaining - PINK

You can even cut about 1-2 inches from the flower and place in a low-line vase!

Oh, and this amazing dessert? It’s called Frosty Raspberry Squares, and it’s a frozen dessert delicious for summer!

Fresh Peonies for Entertaining - Frosty Raspberry Squares

As always, just the right flowers are stunning on a table, and even at times, conversation starters around the table!

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