3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

These Easter table decorations are easy to create with fresh food, canldes, and coordinated paper napkins!

3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

Looking to throw an Easter celebration at your place? Celebrating Easter is such an important part of our life – and setting a pretty Easter table is so easy!

To help inspire you, I’ve captured 3 Easy Easter Table Decorations using food.

3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

Use what you have.

Use what you have. Pull out spring colored placemats, white Or pastel? Or “spring”-colored?” dishes, and basic white candles.

With these 3 table settings I used the same placemats, white dinner dish, yellow accent salad plate, silverware, water glass, and candle holders.

3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

Standard white.

I always keep white candles on hand, which I buy at IKEA. White goes with any season, and I love the size and height of these tapers.

IKEA candles

Today I’m sharing 3 easy ways to change your Easter table, using these 3 simple foods: carrots, coconut, jelly beans.

Place the food in a small clear glass jar or vessel. And let the fun begin!

Carrot table.

3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

Coconut table.

3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

Eggs and jelly beans.

3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

Your own style.

Entertaining at home is a very personal activity, and each gathering you host should be a reflection of your own gracious style!

My philosophy is to keep it simple, set the table the night before, and move on to what’s important: The people and the food.

3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

These ideas are straightforward and simple, but I think pretty cute!

Can’t you just imagine a table lined with little cups of carrots? And these adorable carrot paper napkins?

3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

Spring is here! So go ahead and choose what you like and bring it to life!

3 Easy Easter Table Decorations

What’s your favorite way to decorate an Easter table using food?

8 comments on “3 Easy Easter Table Decorations”

  1. Love these simple, yet creative and adorable ideas! I just love pretty details on a table!

  2. Super cute!! I’m excited to decorate for Easter.

  3. @Debi B: That is really cute! I may have to borrow that idea this Easter. I love lambs to begin with (really, really cute!) and I really love Coconut!

    I really loved the coconut candle holder idea as well. Lovely ideas for the Easter holiday. I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families.

    All the best,

  4. I love these ideas, especially your carrot napkins. My grandmother used to make a lamb cake decorated with white frosting and coconut flakes on top of the frosting, jelly beans for the eyes and nose, and green tinted coconut flakes all around it for the grass. That was so cute on our Easter table:-)

  5. These re so cute. I think all ideas are so great, I would not know which one to choose!. Thinking a combo might be cute! :)

  6. These are fun sandy! Love the jellybeans and carrots :)

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