2 Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

Enjoy these 2 Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes made with crostini crackers, easy for a party (one is dairy-free), or to share with a neighbor!

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes
What do you think of when you hear about the Art of Neighboring? I don’t mean just neighbors at home, but wherever you may be … traveling, at a concert, on a hike, or for us, camping! We love to take our VW Westfalia out this time of year, and we recently returned from our favorite Oregon beach town, Pacific City (driving down the coast from Cannon Beach).

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

When we travel to this quaint little town, we sort of forget about life, and we settle in to the waves, and wind, relaxing, thinking, talking, and yes, meeting our neighbors.

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

Paul and I are super friendly with the people we camp next to.

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

We find it interesting to get to know new people, and learn about their lives.

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

I mean, does neighboring even exist anymore?

Friends, we need to stretch outside our bubbles, to better understand the perspectives of everyone living in our country right now.

There are hundreds of big and little ways to branch out, to start a conversation, to listen. It takes getting out of our comfortable shells, with humility and courage and kindness leading the way. Remember to jump on board with my friend, Emily’s Beyond Kindness Tour!

KINDNESS is more than the random act … it’s having a heart for serving people, fostering relationships with those who are different from us. It’s ongoing, even when it is not returned. Even when it is not received. —Beyond The Red Chair, Emily Nelson

Today I have 2 Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes to share with a neighbor!

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

2 Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

Whether at home, or at the beach, crostini are super easy.

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

Perfect for on the road, if you buy Delallo’s original crostini (crunchy little bread slices), you don’t have to worry about toasting the bread, which is obviously hard when you’re in the outdoors.

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

Start with a cracker. We like to make half a tray dairy-free and the other half …bring on the cheese!

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

Follow the recipe below, and don’t forget to bring a nice tray for serving (or not, a paper plate is just fine).

Invite your neighbors, open a bottle of wine or Pellegrino water, and have a bite or two and CHAT.

CHAT, learn more, be wise with your words, and get to know NEW friends!

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes

Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes


  • 1 package DeLallo Original Crostini crackers (or toasted baguette bread)
  • Hummus
  • Goat cheese
  • Pesto
  • Cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • Cucumber, thinly sliced
  • Radish, thinly sliced
  • Balsamic glaze (we buy DeLallo brand)
  • Fresh basil for garnish


  1. Lay the crostini crackers on a platter. Spread half with hummus and the other half with goat cheese.
  2. On the goat cheese crackers, add 1/2 tsp. pesto. Do not put on the hummus crackers.
  3. Next layer with thin slices of cucumbers, radish, and top with cherry tomatoes.
  4. Drizzle with balsamic glaze; serve! (Optional: Garnish with fresh basil.) Half the platter is dairy-free!
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Entertaining Crostini Toasts



3 comments on “2 Entertaining Crostini Toasts Recipes”

  1. Hmmmmm….I sense a book title there….”the art of neighboring” by Sandy Coughlin :)

    I love crostini, and this looks awesome!!

  2. I’m not sure if we have those Delallo Crostini Crackers up here in Canada. Could I use Melba Toast instead? They look very much like your crackers. Can’t wait to try both of your recipes.


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