Crunchy iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, hard cooked eggs, tomatoes, onions, and hot buttered rolls, served on this Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board!

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

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Friends, for Mother’s Day make this Bacon Wedge Salad Board! With all the delicious toppings for a wedge salad, grab a roll, make your salad, and enjoy your favorite Mom! Serves 12! Make your own Thousand Island Dressing, too! Grab The Big Board links below!

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Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board

Who doesn’t love a good wedge salad, with bacon on top? I think we’ve all had a yummy wedge sometime or another at a restaurnt. They are so fun to serve for a holiday or party!

All the ingredients of this board are fresh and delicious!

Epic charcuterie board

Set out your favorite toppings on one epic board. [Check out all my charcuterie/cheese boards] You can read about the board + seasoning the board, here.

Toppings like: Iceberg lettuce, cantaloupe, red onion, dressing, feta (or blue cheese), bacon, tomatoes, hard cooked eggs, cucumber, and parsley for garnish!

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

How do you cut a wedge for a salad?

Cut lettuce into quarters. Carefully separate the leaves and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with paper towels.

For one serving, arrange one wedge on a plate. Drizzle dressing over each wedge, and then sprinkle with onions slices, bacon, and black pepper. Sprinkle with crumbled cheese.

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

You can serve this as a side salad for a full menu (serves 12), but you can also serve it for a luncheon.

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

How do you serve a wedge salad?

On this epic charcuterie board, we arranged the salad ingredients plus rolls.

Heat up the rolls—serve right when you’re ready to set out the board.

woman holding epic salad board

Don’t forget hot butter on the hot rolls when they come out of the oven (just rub on top). That way you don’t have to mess with butter on the table.

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

Guests can serve themselves!

By the way, my kitchen is rather a mess when I whip up one of my boards. But that is okay!

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

People crave connection

All people crave connection—not perfect food or a perfectly tidy home. They want a place to sit, to eat, to feel connected and secure, and feel like they’re at home.

The young mother you met at preschool, the family at church, the new neighbors who just moved into your neighborhood…whatever you serve, each of them want what you can offer.

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

Hosting is functional

Hosting is never fancy in my home; it’s functional. There is a difference between “hospitality” and “entertaining.”

Because my house is never perfect, I remove those expectations right away. Whew! What a relief it can be to not have to pretend our homes are perfect 24 hours/day.

It never was when my kids were little, and it never is now!

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

Mother’s Day

It makes me think of my Mom, who I learned so much from … how to be gracious and loving to your guests!

I miss my Mom every day, but since she is gone, I turn it for good, and focus on my kids and the people in my life.

What I share here on my blog and how I really practice hospitality in my home are so important to me.

So happy Mother’s Day to all my favorite moms in this world (I have a lot of moms in my life that I truly love).

Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard

The Big Board

Friends, The Big Board is here! Yes, I’ve partnered with JK Adams, the premier woodmaking company in Vermont, with my own line of RE boards!

  • 20-inch
  • 26-inch
  • 12 x 36-inch
  • 23-inch Lazy Susan
  • A board with a lip (or raised edged) so the food doesn’t fall off
  • Made in the USA
  • Undercut handles (a unique design)

Thank you for your support, as we’ve sold out so many times already!

Order The Big Board today!

Happy Hosting!

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Get the Recipe:

Bacon Wedge Salad Board

Serves 12
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Yield: 12
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  • 3 heads iceberg lettuce, quartered
  • 1 bell pepper, slice the top off to make a bowl
  • 5 oz. crumbled feta cheese or crumbled blue cheese
  • 1 jar bleu cheese dressing
  • 1 jar Thousand Island dressing
  • 12 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • 6 hard cooked eggs, halved
  • 1 small red onion, sliced
  • 4 Roma tomatoes, quartered
  • 1 cucumber, thinly sliced
  • 12 dinner rolls, we love Rhodes rolls
  • Butter, to rub on top while hot
  • 1 cantaloupe, thinly sliced (optional to leave rind on or not)
  • Parsley for garnish


  • On a giant board, make sure it is food safe or place parchment paper down. In the center, arrange the pepper filled with feta cheese.
  • Place 4 small bowls on the board filled with the 2 dressings, red onions, and bacon pieces.
  • Next, arrange the sliced cucumbers, then the tomato wedges around the bell pepper. Arrange the soft boiled eggs, cantaloupe, and on the outside the dinner rolls and iceberg quarters.
  • Don’t forget tongs and spoons. Garnish with parsley and ENJOY!
Cuisine: American
Course: Salad
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Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board #epicsaladboard #epiccharcuterieboard #wedgesalad #wedgesaladboard