Mexican Shrimp Salad Board

For a gathering or potluck, serve this Mexican Shrimp Salad Board. Let guests make their own shrimp salad for Cinco de Mayo or any Mexican-themed party!

Mexican Shrimp Salad Board

Friends, the other day I wrote about “feeling the groove of the party.” If you love to serve dinner boards or charcuterie and cheese baords, then you’ll love this Mexican Shrimp Salad Board recipe today!

Mexican Shrimp Salad Board

This idea is great for Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, spring and summer potlucks, and even a weeknight meal. Also try my Mexican Charcuterie Board – so good!

The BEST Mexican Shrimp Salad Board

Think outside the box … maybe a Shrimp Louie Salad coupled with a Mexican feast. I love that, two of my favorite food groups. Make sure everyone brings a dish! Remember, folks, it’s rare to do it all when you’re hosting a party these days.

Easy Mexican Shrimp Salad Board

This time I started with my Epic Charcuterie Board. It’s easy to assemble these boards. Think ahead to what you can prepare ahead of time, then 30 minutes before the guests come, put it all together!

24-inch Charcuterie Board

Friends, here is the board that I LOVE. It’s 24-inches in diameter with a 2-inch lip. A “lip” is the secret to the best charcuterie or dinner board, because the food does not fall off.

You can buy in 2 sizes.

Here are the LINKS:

LARGE Hand-Carved Gabrielle Tray – 24 inches round. Buy >> HERE (affiliate link)

SMALL Hand-Carved Gabrielle Tray – 18-inches round. Buy >> HERE (affiliate link)

Rememember it says it is “not food safe,” so you need to prepare the board by either laying down parchment paper under the food, or you can “season” it like we did.

Here are a few other options:

Courtland Wooden Lazy Susan – 18-inch round. Buy >> HERE (affiliate link)

LAZY SUSAN is a board that spins. It does NOT have a lip, but it’s cool for the center of the table.

Here’s an 18-inch wine barrel wood board or a 24-inch hammered large round tray or a 26-inch stainless steel serving platter that you may also like! Check out the weight on these boards.

How to season a Charcuterie Board

If a wood board says it “not food safe,” you can lightly sand it down with sand paper, and rub down with beeswax and mineral oil.

We used this butcher block and cutting board oil conditioner after we lightly sanded the board down.

Or, lay down parchment paper! Easy peasy!

Very Best Mexican Shrimp Salad Board

What is feeling the groove of a party?

I say knowing what to focus on, being organized, what comes next, how to serve the food, and how to bring it all together.

I know, you can get tangled in the weeds with worrying about the conversation, when to switch up the topics, and how to end the party in style and grace. But to sum it up, feeling the groove means things just feel right. It’s the spirit of people coming together, feeling generous with their contribution, discussions, maybe a bottle of wine. And the hosts providing a space.

Hosting is not all about the host, Friends. It really does involve eveyrone! I mean, you would not have a party if it was just yourself.

Next time you host, think about inviting a few new people!

How to make a Mexican Shrimp Salad Board

  • On a giant prepared board, add a bowl of pico de gallo. Arrange green pepper slices.
  • Add prepared shrimp (defrosted, patted dry) in a circle around the peppers. TIP: You can defrost the day before and drain so it’s ready for serving.
  • Around the shrimp lay the quartered tomatoes.

  • For this board, fill 5 small bowls with corn, olives, ranch dressing, sliced red onion, and guacamole, and set on the board.
  • Altnernate the varieties of chips on the outer edge of the board.
  • Lastly, fill in the missing areas with chopped lettuce. Garnish with habanero peppers and serve!

I think you and your guests will be feeling the groove with this delicious meal at your next Mexican Feast!

Happy Hosting!

More recipes: Easy Mexican Coleslaw Recipe or Mexican Stuffed Peppers.

Mexican Shrimp Salad Board

Prep Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Salad
Keyword: epic charcuterie, salad board


  • 2 pounds small cooked shrimp defrosted, patted dry
  • 1 pound spring mix lettuce or iceberg
  • 3 Roma tomatoes cut in quarters
  • 1 container pico de gallo
  • 1 container ranch dressing or sour cream
  • 1 container guacamole
  • 1 can corn drained
  • 1 can black olives drained
  • Red onion sliced thinly
  • Green pepper sliced thinly
  • Bag blue corn chips
  • Bag corn chips
  • Habanero peppers to garnish
  • Favorite hot sauce and additional dressing optional


  • On a giant prepared board, in the center add a bowl of pico de gallo. Around the bowl, arrange the green pepper slices.
  • Next, arrange the shrimp (defrosted, patted dry) in a circle around the peppers. TIP: You can defrost the day before and drain so it's ready for serving. 
  • Around the shrimp lay the quartered tomatoes. In 5 small bowls, fill with corn, olives, ranch dressing, sliced red onion, and guacamole. Place on the board, outside of the tomatoes.
  •  Next, layer around the outside of the board the chips (you can lay them down by alternating colors, blue, yellow, blue, yellow, etc:) 
  • Lastly, fill in the missing areas with chopped lettuce. Garnish with habanero peppers and serve!

Mexican Shrimp Salad Board Recipe

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  1. So fun. I’m keeping my eye out for a good deal on one of these boards. An older gentleman came into where I work to mail a cutting board he made and I keep saying if he comes back in I’m going to talk to him about making me a board.

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