Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board is a cheese board filled with Mexican delights–dips, salsa, chips, salami and fresh vegetables! Perfect for Cindo de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board

Happy almost-Cinco de Mayo, Friends! I know, it’s a few weeks away, but it’s fun to start planning now.

This is always one of my favorite times of the year to entertain – I love the bright colors, the margaritas (or beer), and especially the food.

Mexican Charcuterie Board

This Cinco de Mayo Cheese Board is a twist on the standard favorite charcuterie board.

Easy Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board

How to create a Mexican themed cheese board

I take a Mexican cheese (queso fresco or cotjia cheese) and plop it right in the center of the board. Then I build around it with all things snack-worthy that have to do with a Mexican theme. The texture of this cheese (creamy and soft) has a mild taste, so it fit great with the other stronger cheeses and toppings (if you choose to add in more cheese).

Best Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board

Remember to season your board with bees wax or mineral oil if the board is not “food safe.”

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board salsa

Salsas, fresh vegetables, plenty of guacamole.

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board (with Fritos)

To make it festive, you can garnish the board with fresh cilantro.

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board

Oh, and the board came from Pier 1. It’s gigantic, very heavy, and everyone loves it.

Best Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board Recipe

Be warned, you have to have some muscles to carry this around. I usually have my husband carry it outside for me!

Taco Pie

If you’re looking for some other recipes to go with this wonderful appetizer board, how about taco pie? This family favorite starts by layering meat and beans, topped with cheese that is baked to an ooey gooey deliciousness.

Mom’s traditional Pedro’s Special Mexican Casserole (which is taco pie), is topped with corn chips (hand raised high, we love Fritos!), and is super easy to set out with your favorite toppings.

This Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad is loved by all, and of course Watermelon Salsa is always a big hit, especially this time of year.

Finally, bring out of the oven and serve hot (like an upside down cake) this MEXICAN FLAN CAKE (watch the video)!

Happy hosting! I hope this post brings inspiration for the weeks ahead for Cinco de Mayo, or any Mexican-themed party!

Delicious Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board

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Mexican Charcuterie Board

A Mexican Charcuterie Board is a great way to kick off Cinco de Mayo! Or anytime of year, enjoy this cheese board filled with Mexican delights, such as dips, salsa, chips, your favorite salami (a charcuterie has to have cured meats), and don’t forget the fresh vegetables!


  • Salsa
  • Olives
  • Corn salsa Trader Joe’s
  • Pico de gallo
  • Cucumbers sliced
  • Mini sweet peppers halved
  • Avocados cut in half
  • Cilantro
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Carrot sticks
  • Queso fresco or Cotjia cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Guacamole
  • Salami sliced (we buy DeLallo brand)
  • Chips taco chips and Fritos


  • On a large platter, either lay down parchment paper or make sure the "board" is food safe. You can season with bees wax and mineral oil.
  • Set out small dishes and add the salsa, guacamole, sour cream, olives, and Pico de gallo.
  • Arrange the food items in rows around the small bowls.
  • Sprinkle in your favorite taco chips and serve!

More recipes: Mini Chicken Enchilada Cups [Princess Pinky Girl], Southwestern Saucers [Belly Full], and Mexican Slaw Dip [RE].

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board Shopping List

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  1. Where did you get that board?  Can you order it online?

    • I wrote at the beginning of the post from Pier 1. Not sure if you can order it online, I bought in the store! Thanks!

  2. What a nice change from the typically Italian antipasto! This would be great any time of the year. Is that a certain kind of avocado? It looks a lot lighter in color to me than what I buy.

  3. Beautifully prepared tray!

  4. One of these days I’ll do something for Cinco De Mayo. lol.

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