Happy Springtime, friends!

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I know last week was the first week of Spring, but I must say Spring has not come soon enough for me. My bulbs are already coming up in the yard, always the crocus first. The last few years I’ve forced bulbs in my kitchen, a really easy way to hurry up Spring and bring some brightness into our lives during the gloomy winter months.

I also love the beauty of forced branches!

What does forcing branches mean? Just like forcing bulbs, you are fooling the branches into thinking it’s time for Spring and it’s time to bloom! It’s very simple and only takes a tiny bit of creativity.

Here’s what you need to know about forcing branches:

– What’s in your yard and what is first to bloom
– An eye for what colors/blooms you want inside
– Sharp pruners
– Choose a branch that has the most buds
– Large vase/water
– Visualize in what room you want to display them

Now that Spring is here, watch out! Once you bring the branches inside they will probably bloom rather quickly.

Enjoy the beauty and invite some friends over for a visit or a nice dinner.

Sometimes I think we need little reminders about hospitality: “Oh, yes, we should really have so-and-so over for dinner!” Right?

So just call and make it happen!

And even though it’s raining outside, revel in the that fact that Spring is here.

For me, it’s right on my kitchen counter!

Did you force bulbs inside this winter, or what about Spring flowers or blossoms?