Simple Breakfast for 2 – Greek Yogurt with Mango and Turkish Hazelnuts

Greek Yogurt with Mango and Turkish Hazelnuts

In the spring, with the house and garden full of so many fresh flowers, we’re inspired to not only eat healthier (our garden is just starting to grow!), but there’s just something about opening the doors to let the warm sunshine and fresh spring air into the house. This would be between spring rainstorms here in Oregon, but this last weekend was amazingly warm. I soooo love the scent of “fresh,” especially right after the rains shower the earth.

Fruit Pizza |

I also love the fresh fruit that is starting to show up at the market, like kiwis, mangos, and pineapple. Oh, by the way, if you have those ingredients on hand, you may want to try this (above) Fruit Pizza for a spring brunch or Easter this year.

I love this recipe because it feeds a very large group – up to 12 guests! It’s so bright and colorful.

This past weekend I made a simple breakfast for 2 using these delicious ingredients: Greek yogurt, Turkish hazelnuts, and fresh mango. Read on for the “secret ingredient” that tied it all together.

Greek Yogurt with Mango and Turkish Hazelnuts

I cut a mango in small pieces.

Looked through my stash of nuts and brought out Turkish Hazelnuts (regular hazelnuts would work, too).

We always have *organic maple syrup on hand, plus Greek yogurt.

Greek Yogurt with Mango and Turkish Hazelnuts

Now how can a breakfast get any simpler? And more delicious?

The only problem with mangos is, I wish we could grow them locally. There is just something about buying locally grown produce because there is such a delightful difference between the taste from out-of-season to farm-to-table.

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Our breakfast was delicious.

And simple.

(*The secret ingredient? Organic maple syrup!)

What are your favorite 2 toppings to put on Greek yogurt?

Greek Yogurt with Mango and Turkish Hazelnuts

Greek Yogurt with Mango and Turkish Hazelnuts
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Simple Breakfast for 2 - Greek Yogurt with Mango and Turkish Hazelnuts

Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Servings: 2


  • 1 cup Greek yogurt divided into 2 small dishes
  • 1 mango peeled and chopped into small pieces
  • 1/3 cup Turkish Hazelnuts
  • 4 T. maple syrup


  • Place 1/2 cup of yogurt into two small dishes. Drizzle 2 T. of maple syrup in each dish. Sprinkle with mango and hazelnuts. Serve!

10 comments on “Simple Breakfast for 2 – Greek Yogurt with Mango and Turkish Hazelnuts”

  1. Oh I am loving this sandy, absolutely gorgeous. I just picked up pineapple, I love all the fresh fruit popping up, my favorite time of the year! And what a great surprise to add maple syrup, we always have some!

  2. This is gorgeous. I’ve been eating my weight in mangoes lately.

  3. I will admit I thought the secret ingredient was honey, but maple sounds really good too. I had windows open for about 10 minutes earlier today but too cold still in this part of Oregon.
    Favorite ingredient’s in geek yogurt. 1 scoop Garden of Life chocolate protein powder, lots of cinnamon and blueberries. :)

    cant wait to try that fruit pizza.

  4. So simple and delicious. I know exactly what you mean about the smell of the spring rains. Native Northwesterner here. : )

  5. This is the perfect breakfast! I love all these ingredients, but especially the mango!

  6. I could go for a simple breakfast right about now.

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