We love to use Minted College Graduation Announcements to send out to family and friends, part of the grand celebration coming in the next few weeks!

Minted College Graduation AnnouncementsFriends, these weeks have been bittersweet for me. When you love your life, and the precious people in it, it’s hard to say good-bye. We’re still working out the details of our move, and of course packing away, but also sharing some pretty special times with friends and family. My sisters and I went to lunch last weekend, my friend Cindy hosted a huge party for me last night, filled with lots of girlfriend love (I’m such a lucky girl). Oh, and here’s a peek at the deliciousness that my friends brought to the potluck. Yes, I have amazing friends who are great cooks! (Those strawberries in the center? To die for – stuffed with cheesecake!)


I woke up this morning feeling sad, like suddenly, the deep friendships that I cherish and love feel like a huge loss. I sort of froze up, trying to get some work done on my blog, and plan some meals and recipes that I want to share here on RE, and also plan lunch dates with long-time friends. Let me just say, it’s all a bit overwhelming!

One thing that I do is take care of my body. I get great sleep, eat healthy, and I’m still doing my daily yoga! Stretching and flexing and not having the aches and pains of moving around are important to me. I don’t want to feel old in my young body (ha).

I feel like the changes ahead will be a lot of work, and yet, I’ll also feel like I’m on vacation. What a combination that will be, but one that I can only walk through and “feel” as I go.

For a quick moment this morning, I imagined what it would be like if tomorrow were August 1st, because I know much of our move and details would be completed, and I’d feel settled.

Relish in and cherish today!

But there is no guarantee for tomorrow, so I will relish in and cherish today!

Minted College Graduation Announcements

Minted College Graduation Announcements

I have a long to-do list, people to see, parties to plan (my son is graduating college and we’re hosting a party for him tonight yaaaaay!), and I’ll move toward grace and love for our special boy. We’re so proud of him. And by the way, we ordered his graduation announcements from Minted – which makes ordering very easy!

Minted College Graduation Announcements

We love their product, the recycled paper that they use, the specialty corners, sizes, colors, and then with a click and a few boxes filled in, you can also have matching Thank You notes. Thank you notes are something that I’ve always taught my kids is important. You always give a thoughtful, hand-written note of “thanks” to those who bless you, and care about you!

Minted College Graduation Announcements

Envelopes with return addresses.

Happily added to our to-do list, we were honored to send Garrett’s announcement to so many friends and family.

Garrett’s support over the years, those who love him.

To participate in a BIG celebration, and then on to new things for our son. A new chapter, one where we pray his steps are guided, and he learns and grows.

Oh, the places you’ll go … Garrett! (He’s off to Beijing in a few short weeks!)

This post is sponsored by Minted, who provided our announcements and thank you cards, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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