Enjoy Spicy Coconut Curry Turkey Meatball Recipe for a delicious weeknight meal. The rich ground turkey meatballs are cooked in a coconut curry broth, later to be served over rice. Can you freeze meatballs? This recipe is excellent for freezing extra meatballs for later use. You can also make Baked Turkey Meatballs.

Spicy Coconut Curry Turkey Meatball Recipe

Are you a turkey meatball lover? Then you’ll love this ground turkey meatballs recipe, because it not only makes a lot, you can make ahead and freeze for menu meal prep, or a future dinner party!

Ground turkey meatballs

Or, cut the recipe on half for fewer servings! Freeze and serve later. We love to use ground turkey over ground beef. (Also love these 4 Ingredient Turkey Sweet Potato Meatballs – yum!)

Best Spicy Coconut Curry Turkey Meatball Recipe

On a stovetop, cook the meatballs, spooning a delicious coconut curry broth over the top. You can serve the meatballs on rice, or add more stock for more broth.

Spicy Coconut Curry Turkey Meatball Recipe

For me, I love a spicy meatball, so this Spicy Coconut Curry Turkey Meatball Recipe is my favorite with melted Parmesan cheese on top. A meal or a snack :)

Easy Spicy Coconut Curry Turkey Meatball Recipe

I can’t believe it’s April. For me, this will be the month for less. Less everything. Later this week I’m sharing about my friends new book, Simple Organizing, which has inspired me to do some spring cleaning. Our house is feeling a little cramped, so I’m working toward thinning out and reorganizing.

March was a whirlwind month full of holidays and a lot of hosting! We had so many friends come in to town for spring break, it was a blast. But now it’s time to hunker down and simplify.

I’m not sure about you, but when my space is not so cluttered, I have more energy and ideas whirling around in my head. We are made to create. And the discipline that comes with creating doesn’t always seem pleasant, but the rewards are great!

Shauna Niequist says, “My nature is more, but this season is less. Paring down to barer ones, making space, scraping away. We love big stories, ones that involve passports, mountains, and photo-ops. But sometimes being courageous means less, quieter, stiller, smaller.”

Delicious Spicy Coconut Curry Turkey Meatball Recipe

So today I”m staring with this easy, simple Turkey Meatball Recipe. Made with a delicious broth. Served over rice.

I believe in April, new ideas and opportunties will come to life, but first, I’m clearing away and making excess space for the discipline of creating.

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The BEST Spicy Coconut Curry Turkey Meatball Recipe

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