Valentine’s Day is a day for enjoying the sweeter parts of life, like spending time with a loved one and nibbling on delicious sweets. This Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Board is the perfect shareable treat! It’s loaded with all sorts of goodies, and while there’s plenty there for your sweet tooth, there are some fruity bites, too. Make this impressive snacking board and share it this Valentine’s Day!

woman holding a cherry and Valentine dessert board

I simply adore this Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Board. It’s loaded with all sorts of tempting treats, and because you’re using mostly store-bought items, it’s an easy board to build. 

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Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Board

The best part about boards like this is sharing them! This would make a great treat for co-workers, to surprise your child’s teachers, to share with friends at gatherings, or just to have out for nibbling when having friends and family over. 

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a Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Board

I build this board on my 26-inch Big Board, and it’ll serve between 12 and 20 people. You can always make these boards bigger or smaller by doubling or cutting the recipe and suggestions in half.

Have fun building these boards! Make them colorful, tempting, and loaded with tasty snacks. The key to a great board is to keep it looking bountiful and to break up the colors and textures. Be sure to see all my suggestions below on how to build the best Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Board!

Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Boards

Why I love this board

  • Who doesn’t love sweets and snacking? If your love language is food, then this is the perfect board for you to share with all the important people in your life.
  • It’s got a great balance of sugary sweets, but there’s fresh fruit, too, for pops of freshness and flavor.
  • There’s something on this colorful and delicious board of goodies for everyone, even people looking for gluten-free treats!
ingredients to make a sweet snack board

Gather these ingredients and items

I got a lot of these items from Costco and local markets. Feel free to mix and match with whatever you have locally available. The idea behind these boards is to make them easy and fun, so go with what you can find!

  • Crispy coconut rolls – I found these gluten-free treats at Costco.
  • Heart-shaped shortbread cookies – I got these from a local market, but you should be able to find heart-shaped cookies this time of year at most supermarkets and bakeries.
  • Churro donut bites – Also from Costco.
  • Petite cinnamon rolls – I get these from Costco, too, but I’ve seen them in grocery stores as well.
  • Chocolove candy bars – These are gluten-free and dairy-free.
  • St. Michel chocolate sweetheart cakes – I got these from Costco, but any mini chocolate cake or even mini brownie bites would work.
  • Le Chic heart-shaped macarons – Also from Costco. If you can’t find heart-shaped macarons, any pink, red, or white macarons would look pretty on the board.
  • Blackberries, raspberries, and even blueberries – See what’s fresh and fabulous in your local store.
  • Cherries – Cherries start to come in season around this time of year so they’re perfect on this Valentine’s Day board.
chocolate bars and cherries

How to build the best Valentine’s Day Sweet Snacking Board

  1. Find a spot for your Big Board and have small plates and napkins handy for your guests. 
  2. Add the cinnamon rolls around the outside of one of the sides of the board, and line the churro bites right next to them.
  3. On the opposite side of the board, add a row of sweetheart cakes and macarons.
  4. Place the crispy coconut rolls in a small glass cup or dish with 2 small bowls next to it to hold the cherries. Add the cherries to the bowls just before serving.
  5. Arrange the chocolate bars in the center of the board along with the shortbread cookies. Just before serving, unwrap and break up the chocolate bars so they’re easy to eat.
  6. Fill in the open areas with the berries.
  7. Serve and enjoy!
woman holding a big board with Valentine sweets

Tips & substitutions

  • Don’t stress if you can’t find the same exact items as I’ve used. Building this board should be fun and easy – use what you can find in your local stores.
  • Everything on the board should be finger food-friendly and not too big or messy to eat. 
  • You can serve this snacking board on any kind of large serving tray or board. Being portable is a plus!
  • You can get most of this board ready ahead of time. Put out the fruit just before serving.
Valentine’s Day Sweet Snacks on big board

Serving suggestions

You can serve this Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Board on its own or as a part of a larger feast. I love serving it with other themed dishes like these gorgeous Cherry Crunch desserts or these cute Valentine’s Day lunch board ideas. 

chocolate bars


If you have leftovers, pop everything back into their original containers or store them in airtight containers. The berries should be kept in the fridge, and be sure to read the package labels to see if other items require refrigeration once opened.

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woman holding a cherry and Valentine dessert board
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Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Board

Loaded with all your favorite sweets and treats to celebrate, this Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Board has something for everyone! Made on the 26-in BIG BOARD.
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Yield: 20
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  • 20 Crispy Coconut Rolls, Costco – GF
  • 8 pink heart shortbread cookies, Newport Avenue Market
  • 10 oz Churro Donut Bites, Costco
  • 18 petite cinnamon rolls, Costco
  • 3 Chocolove candy bars, GF + dairy free
  • 21 oz pkg St Michel chocolate sweetheart cakes, Costco
  • 13 oz 25 Le Chic heart-shaped macarons (Costco) – GF
  • 12 oz blackberries
  • 12 oz raspberries
  • 2-3 cups fresh cherries
  • Blueberries, optional


  • On a large round board, add the cinnamon rolls around the outside of one of the sides of the board, with the Churro bites lined up right next to them.
  • In the front, fill in the outer edge with the chocolate sweetheart cakes, followed by a row of the macarons.
  • In the center of the board, place the crispy coconut rolls in a little glass cup or container, with 2 small bowls next to it (you’ll add cherries for the final touch). Place the chocolate bars in the center, along with the shortbread cookies. When it’s time to eat, unwrap the chocolate bars and break apart into chunks. NOTE: These chocolate bars are gluten free and dairy free, so a nice addition to the board for those with dietary restrictions.
  • Pour the cherries into the 2 small bowls (a bowl full of cherries – cute!) and it’s okay if they overflow. Then fill in the open areas with the blackberries and raspberries.
  • Serve and enjoy!
Cuisine: American
Course: Dessert
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Valentine’s Day Sweet Snack Board