Calling all chicken salad lovers! Enjoy delicious 4 BEST Chicken Salad recipes for upcoming luncheons, bridal or baby showers, potlucks, holiday parties! WATCH THE VIDEO!

4 BEST Chicken Salad Recipes

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Easy Chicken Melon Salad Bowls and Strawberry Watermelon Chicken Salad – so tasty! Asian Chicken Cranberry Salad and Barbecue Chicken Layered Pasta Salad – big party hit! These are all my favorite chicken salads on Reluctant Entertainer!

BEST Chicken Salad Recipes

4 Best Chicken Salad Recipes

Hello, Friends! Today I’m sharing 4 Best Chicken Salad recipes, which are srumptious for a potluck dish. They are also great served at holiday parties–think bridal or baby showers, Easter, and Mother’s Day!

4 easy salads

Have you ever scooped out a melon and used the rind for a bowl?

Your guests will love the combo of watermelon and strawberries a fresh summer salad!

Or, have you whipped up an Asian chicken salad with cranberries that everyone loves?

How about layering a salad in a clear glass parfait dish (great presentation)?

BEST Chicken Salads

Easy Chicken Melon Salad Bowls

A delicious melon fruit salad made with a variety of melon, chicken, Gorgonzola cheese, and poppyseed dressing. Easy Chicken Melon Salad Bowls are served in the scooped-out melon.

4 BEST Chicken Salad Recipes - strawberry watermelon salad

Strawberry Watermelon Chicken Salad

Looking for how to make chicken salad taste a bit better? Add watermelon to a chicken strawberry salad!

Everyone loves this yummy recipe: Strawberry Watermelon Chicken Salad served with a light homemade basil dressing. Optional to add nuts and cheese, herbs and berries!

4 BEST Chicken Salad Recipes - asian chicken

Asian Chicken Cranberry Salad

Do you love a good Asian Chicken Salad? Then you’ll love the flavors of this Asian Chicken Cranberry Salad, a delicious salad or main dish that is popular at any potluck or holiday party!

4 BEST Chicken Salad Recipes - layered chicken

Barbecue Chicken Layered Pasta Salad

Barbecue Chicken Layered Pasta Salad, perfect for your next summer party, with layers of pasta, beans, chicken, fresh vegetables, and a delicious dressing!

You can also try some of my friend’s salads:

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Salad at A Spicy Perspective

Curry Chicken Salad at Fifteen Spatulas

Great potluck or holiday salads

Enjoy, Friends! Come back and tell me which salad is your favorite! Save these for spring and summer hosting, baby and wedding showers, Easter, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day!


Enjoy these recipes, too!

4 BEST Chicken Salads