Easy Chicken Melon Salad Bowls

A delicious melon fruit salad made with a variety of melon, chicken, Gorgonzola  cheese, and poppyseed dressing, enjoy Easy Chicken Melon Salad Bowls. This chicken salad is served in the scooped-out melon. It’s an elegant melon ball salad for spring and summer entertaining! Watch the VIDEO below!

Chicken Melon Salad Bowls

Sometimes you have to say good-bye to restaurant crowds and long waits, and just settle back into your own backyard. We do that quite a bit, even though we live in the city, as we feel that our backyard is like a park.

Melon Fruit Salad

I recently made these Easy Chicken Melon Salad Bowls, so good for spring and summer entertaining!

Chicken, Melon and Basil Salad Bowls

This time of year in Oregon gets really hot, with temperatures creeping up to the 100s. So when a few friends came over to enjoy our pool and sit on our back patio, I whipped up this delicious chicken salad – in melon bowls – for everyone to indulge in.

Oh, and this time of year I love taking herbs or plants from the garden, and getting creative with our outside decor.

I’ve learned to not reserve my decorative efforts solely for the tabletop, especially for casual entertaining when we may be sitting and eating around the pool, but to think of how I can dress up the backyard in different ways.

Light and Fresh Decor with Chicken Melon Salad Bowls

Instead of a usual flower arrangement, this time I chose dill from the herb bed, adding it to hanging baskets.

Chicken Melon Salad Bowls

A delicious, light summer meal.

Chicken, Melon and Basil Salad Bowls

Mixed together with chicken and fresh basil.

Melon Ball Salad

Scoop out the melons.

Chicken Melon Salad Bowls

A nice finishing touch of ambience.

Light and Fresh Decor with Chicken Melon Salad Bowls

Now that says summertime with a Capital S!

Do you stress over entertaining in the summer, or do you keep it light and fresh?

Chicken Melon Salad Bowls
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Chicken Melon Salad Bowls

Makes 8 large salads. Regular toasted pecans taste yummy, too. You can make your own dressing or use a bottled dressing (we love Briannas Rich Poppy Seed Dressing), but NO dressing is just as delicious!
Servings: 8 servings


  • 2 small watermelon
  • 2 small cantaloupe
  • 2 lime
  • 2 cups rotisserie chicken chopped
  • 1/4 red onion finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup Gorgonzola cheese
  • Spicy Pecans I buy at Trader Joe’s
  • 1/2 cup fresh basil finely chopped (+8 leaves for garnish)
  • 1/2 cup Sweet Onion Poppyseed Dressing or Briannas Rich Poppy Seed Dressing – optional


  • Cut the melons in half, removing all seeds. Using a melon baller or small cookie dough scoop, carve out balls of melon and set aside.
  • In a large bowl, mix the melon, chicken, onion, cheese, basil, and nuts. Squeeze the fresh lime over the mixture.
  • If using a light dressing, such as a sweet (poppyseed) dressing, lightly toss it around the ingredients.
  • Fill the melon bowls with the chicken mixture, garnishing with fresh basil. Serve!

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Chicken Melon Salad Bowls

7 comments on “Easy Chicken Melon Salad Bowls”

  1. Anyone have a recommended Poppy Seed dressing for this? I hate when I buy dressings that I end up hating. Thank you!

  2. What a great idea to use the melon as a bowl. Love it!

  3. Great post. Love the photo & idea of using fresh dill in an arrangement.

  4. We live in Texas now but I’m originally from Wisconsin. When we have friends over in the summer we make beer brats on the grill (Johnsonville, Wisconsin company) and serve them with Bush’s baked beans (a Wisconsin company) and potato salad. Can you tell I am proud of my home state?

  5. Love the melon serving bowls! So fun and a great way to upcycle for the day! :)

  6. We are getting closer to melon season here and we always have the cute small melons at our farmers market. Perfect for this recipe!!

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