This Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board is a small cheese board for 2 or 4 guests, with cheese, chocolate, meat, nuts, and fig toasts. Perfect for a cozy moment with your favorite friends.

Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board

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Here we are … the beginning of December, with frozen mornings and shorter days to enjoy the sunshine. We get to enjoy sipping on hot chocolate and walking through the crunchy snow. Or, having a couple people over to enjoy this Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board!

Cozy Minimalist Home

A cozy existence we have in our little mountain home, and it reminds me of my friend Myquillyn Smith’s (also known as “The Nester” who blogs at Nesting Place) new book, Cozy Minimalist Home (More Style, Less Stuff), which I’ve been very much enjoying.

I think we all want to have a a beautiful, intentional home, and this book shows you how it can be done!

Easy Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board

Myquillyn’s and my life parallel each other in a small way, having both downsized and worked on a fixer upper home. A much smaller home than we were used to, after 4 yard sales and about 50 trips to Good Will!

Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board - Cozy Minimalist Home

I love the message in The Nester’s new book, about all things cozy, and simplifying your life and home. She ends the book with a Decorating Manifesto, which summarizes the message of the book, and honestly, keeps your values in check with simple and meaningful living.

Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Cheese Board

Having just visited Denmark and Norway, the Danes and Myquillyn have it right.

“Cozy’s job is to make us comfortable, and real comfort leads to real connection.”- Myquillyn Smith

Today I’m sharing a link for you to pick up Myquillyn’s new book, Cozy Minalmist Home (More Style, Less Stuff).

Buy the beautiful hardback book, HERE.

Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board

I’m also sharing a cozy charcuterie that you can make for 2 or 4, or double for 6 or 8 guests.

Serve with your favorite wine.

Tasty Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board

This is what I really appreciate about this book

  • It’s simple, with great messages and quotes that inspire.
  • It’s well laid out, with great photography and ideas for your home. Always with a touch of her humor, which I love.
  • I love how she shows several ways to design a small area. Not just one idea, but photos of three different ways (ie the fireplace mantle).
  • She shows you what to focus on when decorating your home, and what’s really important.
  • She always brings it back around to content, purpose, and the people. (Yay, Myquillyn!)

BEST Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board

Best tip, and one I learned from my nephew’s wife, Addie:

Deconstruct each room, and then recreate it step by step. (It works, as you ultimately get rid of stuff that you don’t want to put back in!)

I’m happy to say that 2 1/2 years ago we moved to our small home (getting rid of a ton of furniture), and have not purchased one new piece since we moved in.

My thought on a cozy home is to fill it with things you love, that make hosting easy and comfortable for your guests, and learn to be content.

Contentment is huge. Decide what is enough, and learn to leave it there.

Myquillyn has a great chapter on this.

For now, this small, simple, minimalist charcuterie!

Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board Shopping List

More charcuterie/cheese board ideas: Pineapple Cheese Board [RE], Butternut Squash Charcuterie Board [RE], and this BEAUTIFUL Christmas Tree Snack Board [Baker Mama].

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Cozy Minimalist Charcuterie Board

Yield: 4
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  • 3.5 oz Trader Joe's Extra Dark Chocolate Wedges
  • Fig jam
  • Sourdough bread, cut in triangles and toasted
  • 1 small round brie cheese
  • Prosciutto mozzarella sticks
  • Cashews
  • Favorite hard cheese
  • 1 Bartlett pear
  • Rosemary sprig, herb of friendship


  • On a serving platter or wood board, arrange the above items. Serve and enjoy with a few friends!
Course: Appetizer
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