Gobble Up Olive Kebabs for Easy Appetizer

These Olive Kebabs are so easy, they only takes about 5 minutes to makes!

Gobble Up Olive Kebabs for Easy Appetizer

When I’m entertaining at home, I have a variety of simple appetizers that I reach for for last minute company. Some hostesses say that you need to serve a variety of appetizers for your guests to nosh on, such as something plain, and something spicy, and even something sweet like fruit. This is a great idea for a larger dinner party. I also like to have a selection so that all the guests will have something different to try!

Smaller party.

But in the case of a smaller group, or a last minute party, I love to serve an easy Olive Kebab recipe. All you need is olives (a variety makes the dish more interesting), a fresh vegetable, and a piece of meat or cheese.

There’s no right or wrong!

Jazz it up.

I like to jazz it up with specialty olives that you can buy in the deli department or grocery store. Olives are easy to buy!

Gobble Up Olive Kebabs for Easy Appetizer

You can mix and match the food, making different bites (served on a toothpick), and then serve on any size of plate, platter, or bowl.

These are so yummy, your guests will gobble them up!

And of course, this would go well for an Italian themed party, or even a barbecue or a summer picnic!

How to make.

Take a cocktail toothpick and start with an olive, a vegetable, a tomato, and a piece of salami.

Gobble Up Olive Kebabs for Easy Appetizer

How to serve.

Serve the little kebabs on a large platter, or stand up straight in a glass container, with plenty of napkins nearby. If serving with thinly sliced Italian or French bread, or dipping sauces, make sure you have small plates set out. If serving the skewers by themselves, there’s no need for plates or forks.

A few years ago my friend brought these with fresh blueberries, Pepperoncini peppers, salami, and cream cheese. Another great idea!

What’s your favorite, easy, “gobble up” appetizer that you always have ingredients for?

Gobble Up Olive Kebabs for Easy Appetizer

Gobble Up Olive Kebabs for Easy Appetizer
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Olive Kebabs


  • Jar of olives or specialty olives, such as Delallo’s Pitted Olives Jubilee
  • Vegetable such as cucumber or tomatoes
  • Meat such as salami or prosciutto
  • Cheese optional such as swiss, provolone, or mozzarella, cubed


  • With a cocktail toothpick, poke the end into an olive, a folded over piece of meat, a vegetable, and end with another olive.
  • Place them on a serving platter or a bowl; serve!

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5 comments on “Gobble Up Olive Kebabs for Easy Appetizer”

  1. Love this simple idea. And love those DeLallo olives – their olive bar at our local grocery store is one of my favorite places to pick up a little treat for myself! :)

  2. These are some serious olive kebabs. I absolutely love them.

  3. I love DeLallo’s olives. So good!! These skewers are perfect!

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