This Toasted Pea Crostini appetizer is lovely to serve for any spring or summer dinner party.

Toasted Pea Crostini
Dinner parties aren’t just about food, they are about socializing. We love having our friends over for dinner, and it’s even more lovely when we get to eat outside. Last week we had one of those beautiful evenings.

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Just curious, have you ever been at a party where there was an awkward silence? This has happened to us a few times at other homes we’ve visited. It’s not bad, or wrong, and most realistically, it happens!

A Sacred Space + Toasted Pea Crostini Recipe

Keep the conversation flowing.

One thing we try to do around our table is keep a funny or interesting anecdote at the ready. My husband takes charge of this more than I do. I can jump in, but he’s really the driving force with the conversation.

Hosting my lady friends, I’ve had to step into that roll. I remember a few times stopping and thinking, after I had already invited 7 ladies to dinner … what are we going to talk about?

How silly is that? I’m just saying, I have fears like y’all have fears. It’s overcoming them, and not allowing them to rule your decisions, that makes you a stronger person.

As host, it is our responsibility to make sure everyone is enjoying the party, which includes good conversation.

Sometimes we just get the conversation going … and let our guests enjoy talking! Eating together is a very special act of sharing ourselves, our homes, each other, our lives, our faith, families … so much happens when we share a meal with others!

A Sacred Space + Toasted Pea Crostini Recipe

A sacred space.

I know I quote Shauna a lot, but I just love her writing:

Sometimes food is the end and sometimes it’s a means to an end, and sometimes you don’t know which it is until it happens. The food and the table and the laughter help to create sacred space, a place to give someone the gift of words. That’s what some of the best nights are about — sacred space and words of love. –Shauna Niequist

A Sacred Space + Toasted Pea Crostini Recipe

Set the table.

I set the table with flowers blooming in our front yard.

A Sacred Space + Toasted Pea Crostini Recipe

Ball Canning Jar’s new purple jars for drinking glasses.

A Sacred Space + Toasted Pea Crostini Recipe

And the large jars for the centerpiece.

Toasted Pea Crostini

Toasted Pea Crostini.

Combined these yummy ingredients for a fresh, springy appetizer.

You’ll be amazed at the people who’ve never tried fresh peas … but love them served this way!

When’s the last time you created a sacred space for others to come and enjoy a meal with your family?

Toasted Pea Crostini

Toasted Pea Crostini
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Toasted Pea Crostini

This appetizer is lovely to serve before any spring or summer dinner party. Adapted from Fine Cooking Jun/Jul 2015 magazine.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Yield: 18 crostini
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  • 1 baguette loaf, sliced in 1/2-inch pieces
  • 10 oz. English peas, cooked, drained
  • Juice of one lemon, plus 1 tsp. finely grated lemon zest
  • 2 Tbsp. fresh dill, finely chopped
  • 2 tsp. olive oil + 1 tsp.
  • Sea salt
  • White pepper
  • 3/4 cup Ricotta cheese


  • Cut baguette bread into 1/2-inch slices. Drizzle with olive oil and toast lightly in the oven.
  • Zest the lemon (1 tsp) and set aside. Juice 1/2 lemon; set aside.
  • Cook the peas according to package directions; drain. Add lemon juice to the peas; salt and pepper to taste.
  • In another small bowl add the ricotta, grated lemon zest, and 1 tsp. olive oil. Gently mix together.
  • Divide the ricotta mixture among the toasts, spreading evenly. Spoon the peas over the toasts; top with chopped dill and Sea salt.
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Toasted Pea Crostini

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