Alder the Whoodle is 2 years old! This post, Why to Buy a Whoodle Puppy, is sponsored by me (ha), with our own opinions, because we love Alder so much!

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Happy Birthday to our Whoodle puppy, Alder! And make this yummy Basic Texas Sheet Cake Recipe for your summer guests (Alder only got a quick lick).

Alder the Whoodle

Being 2 now means that his is 14 in people years, right? So he’s entered his teen years? Let’s hope so! I will admit, Alder is calming down and has become (almost) the most important being in our household (second to Haggis Barley McStitch III).

And yes, I’m a Whoodle Mom!

What’s a Whoodle?

Alder is a mix of a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle. We’re fortunate, because he turned out to be a soft-coated Whoodle, so that sometimes his coat looks and feels like soft feathers. [Cutie puppy Alder]

I’m not kidding! Even better, he’s hypo-allergenic and he doesn’t shed.

Whoodles come in 3 sizes:

  • Standard – 50-60lbs
  • Medium – 35-45lbs
  • Mini – 15-30 lbs

Perfect personalities

I’ve never really been so intrigued by a dog, the way Alder has woven his way into my heart. Whoodles do indeed have perfect personalities, and today, I’m sharing all the things that we love about Alder the Whoodle. [Just look at those long eyelashes!]

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Alder now loves the water, both swimming and kayaking with the family!

What to love about a Whoodle

Have you ever seen a Whoodle that you have not loved? There’s so much to love about a Whoodle!

  • Very sweet and mellow personality
  • Super smart
  • Get along great with other dogs
  • They pretty much love everyone
  • Whoodles are often used as service dogs
  • The ball is their life
  • Need a lot of exercise – they can run like the wind
  • Protective without being too aggressive to other dogs or people
  • We know if someone or something is outside

Unfortunately (and I’ve read this from other Whoodle owners who have written me), they can be a snitch. We are working on this “problem.”

Yes, I often call him Alder the Snitch, because he loves to put his paws on the counter and snitch any kind of food that he can find. To date, he has taken a New York Steak and an entire tri tip off the counter. Thank goodness we were there to quickly grab him before he escaped downstairs or under the bed.

Haggis McStitch, being a very short Cairn Terrier (15 years old this year) only snitches food off the floor.

One time we caught Alder jumping up on the counter! But that has never happened again.

Be careful what you ask for

What I’m saying is that they are super athletic, even so that my husband takes Alder out on mountain bike rides, and he’ll run and run for miles and miles! One time they came upon a herd of elk. Alder just stopped and looked at them.

What I love about Alder is he is not a dog to run off or chase other people. He’ll actually stay on our property and obey us when we call him to come. Super, super smart.

I’ll be honest. We did not take Alder to puppy classes, in part because both of us are so busy (I know, no excuse), and because we could tell pretty early that he has a lot going on behind those eyes. Even when he was just a few months old, we could tell he knew what we wanted him to do. But the terrier in him doesn’t always want to do what he’s suppose to do. We asked for the feistiest puppy in the litter, and we got him. Careful what you ask for!

One downside (again, while Alder is a puppy) is that when we have conpany over, he gets very excited. Whoodles LOVE people. We now put him on a leash and make him stay by our side until he calms down.

Alder makes his way to each person in our household, to curl up and sleep with them. We never know which bed that will be at night.


One more thing we love. Sometimes he leans on the back of the couch, stands up tall like a big boy, and “whoodles.” If you own a Whoodle, then you know what we mean. He drapes his head across the top of the sofa, or looks at us with those “half-moon-eyes” and just looks around. It’s adorable.

Again, we call it “Whoodling.”

Yes, the ball is life.

He loves to dig.

And yes, he sleeps between us in our Sprinter Van! [Follow my instagram stories, Alder usually goes camping with us!]

He waits every night for the boys to come home.

He also loves to play fetch, but also tug-a-war. Whoodles also get very hot. So living just 4 minutes to the river is perfect for our walks. Alder will take several dips in the Deschutes River on hot days!

After about his third nap in the morning, after he greets all of us and Haggis, he is ready to go.

Which means, let’s get the ball and get out of this house!

So for 2 years old, we made Aldera cake. He only got a tiny snitch, because we try not to feed Alder human food, but we had fun with his 2 year old birthday party pictures.

Where he sat like a big boy!

Finding a breeder in your area

Everyone asks me about our breeder. You can email me directly, as our breeder asked not to be public on my blog.

I do recommend that you google “whoodles” in your state first. See which breeders are near you!

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Alder the Entertainer Whoodle Puppy

Why we love our Whoodle Pup

Alder the Whoodle: Six months old!

Alder the Whoodle: One year old!