The Joy of Soy and Coconut Milk Chicken Thighs Recipe

This Coconut Milk Chicken Thighs Recipe is a great weeknight meal, and delicious served with Fruit and Nutty Brown Rice.

Coconut Milk Chicken Thighs

You may have seen my post, here, our first outdoor entertaining for the year–chilly as it was–we pulled out the outdoor heater and enjoyed a special evening with our friends. Summer entertaining is really easy. You don’t have to clean your house, you can usher your guests into the backyard, turn on the music, cut some fresh flowers from the garden, and you are set! That part is easy. But what about the food? I’ve recently re-discovered chicken thighs. According to what I recently read on Good Housekeeping site, they are just as good for you as chicken breasts! (I went back and couldn’t find the link – if anyone finds it, please send to me.)

Chicken thighs: They are higher in fat and calories than breasts, but as long as you remove the skin and any excess fat, economical thighs fit into a good-for-you diet. They also provide 25 percent more iron and more than twice as much zinc as the same amount of breast meat.

When our friends came, I had thighs marinated in the fridge, and we whipped up a big summer salad and put whole-wheat bread in the oven. Oh, and then we had this butterscotch dessert.

If you didn’t see the recipe a few weeks ago, this is one for sure you’ll want to file away (or put on Pinterest?) A crowd-lover’s dessert and SO easy.

Back to chicken. Here’s my easy recipe for marinade. (Yes, the chives are from our garden.) By the way, I’m growing my own sweet bay tree now so I no longer have to buy bay leaves from the store. It’s doing so well (inside).

Serve this with Fruit and Nutty Brown Rice … oh, boy!

Have you entertained yet this summer, and what will you most likely be grilling?

Coconut Milk Chicken Thighs
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Coconut Milk Chicken Thighs

This Coconut Milk Chicken Thighs Recipe is a great weeknight meal, and delicious served with Fruit and Nutty Brown Rice.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time30 mins


  • 1-2 lb. Chicken thighs boneless, trimmed
  • 2/3 cup soy sauce
  • 1 can 13 1/2 ounce coconut milk
  • 3/4 cup cider vinegar
  • Pressed garlic
  • 3-4 bay leaves
  • 2 tsp. white ground pepper
  • Fresh chives finely chopped


  • Mix together. Leave some chives out for garnishing chicken after it’s grilled.
  • Marinate in refrigerator for 12-24 hours.
  • Grill, sprinkle with fresh cut chives; serve.

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16 comments on “The Joy of Soy and Coconut Milk Chicken Thighs Recipe”

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  2. The side looks so yummy! Is there a recipe for that??

  3. I successfully made this tonight! I halved the coconut and the apple cider vinegar and marinaded for 20 hours. It was moist and had a subtle coconut flavor.

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  6. Sounds delicious. I’ve recently switched from cooking with chicken breasts to chicken thighs which used to gross me out but now I’ve realized how much more flavorful and tender and meat in the thighs is!

  7. Hi Sandy, would you please share the recipe for the side dish you served with your chicken? I would love to try this too.

  8. Okay I’ll admit it I’m a dork and don’t eat chicken with bones, but I am so making this recipe with chicken breasts this weekend. Num-A-liscious!

  9. This looked so good that I just had to try it for dinner tonight. I only had time to let it marinate for about 3 hours but it was really good. The meat from the thigh is more tender (I think) than the breast. The coconut flavor was very mild-not overwhelming. Thanks for a new dish for the grill!
    BTW Thanks for the shout out on your facebook page. I’ve gotten over 100 views! Emma

  10. Oh Yum! What a great marinade! I was just trying to think of an easy way to use a spare can of coconut milk in my pantry. I will def give this one a try! Thanks!

  11. I was going to ask the same thing as Kirstin….is the coconut mild? I think I’ll love this dish. Also about how many pounds of thighs did you use?

  12. Hmmmm…sounds good. can you taste the coconut flavor or is it pretty mild. We haven’t done any outdoor entertaining yet. Well, I take that back. Mother’s Day was beautiful and we had my inlaws up. At the last minute we decided to set up a table outside and enjoy our meal on the covered back porch. So nice and enjoyable

  13. Hi Sandy- I stumbled upon your blog today while looking for books on Amazon. I purchased your book and immediately googled your blog! Your blog is lovely, and your entertaining advice is wonderful! I love to entertain and plan parties, and always feel like everything has to perfect. I have spent the past hour reading your summer entertaining series and I love it! I am going to lighten up and not stress so much about entertaining! You have a new fan, and I am looking forward to reading your book when it arrives! :-)

  14. Looks good. I like most every dish that has coconut milk in it. I have to go back and find that dessert recipe too.


  15. This looks yummy Sandy! Can’t wait to try it. I buy the big bags of skinless boneless thighs from Costco. The chicken thighs are much moister grilled than breasts.

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