Enjoy these Happy September Favorites, with FALL recipes, inspiration and ideas, and Hurricane Harvey update, with ways you can donate!

Happy September Favorites

Friends, Happy September! Fall is my favorite time of year. I mean, how can it not be with cooler days for hiking and nights for camping, the smell and warmth of a wood stove in the morning, fuzzy socks and boots. Sprucing up the hosue for fall (adding a few touches), getting a few comfort dishes cooking. It’s always a great treat when friends are visiting our area, and they stop by for a visit or a meal!

So today I’m sharing my Happy September Favorites!

Happy September Favorites

Happy September Favorites

What’s your favorite fall doormat? I have not updated mine yet, but I love Melissa’s choices.

I fell in love with these Born booties. Born is my favorite brand because they fit my feet so well, and last for years. What’s your favorite color? I love the Peltro Distressed look!

Don’t forget for hiking, we love Shelta hats! Or, are you sticking to home and planning a tailgate party?

Happy September Favorites

What’s on your mantel or what fall leaves and branches will you bring inside?

We love this slow cooker soup! Or, this end-of-summer chowder (SO GOOD!)?

Here’s our favorite one-pot dish, top 3rd most popular recipe on the blog, and it’s good enough for company!

I’m also sharing a MENU of good recipes over here, if you want to follow along :)

Autumn is … sweet potatoes. We are a sweet potato family, so I started a new Pinterest board, Sweet Potato Lover, if you are, too! Speaking of, you may just want to try this Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie (top photo).

Happy September Favorites

We’ll be curling up on the sofa with Alder, our new Whoodle puppy, and sipping on a hot drink, or better yet, on a sunny day – open the doors and entertain outside! Instead of getting all stressed out about drinks, how about a jug of organic apple juice? (YUM)

Speaking of curling up, if you love before and after pictures of fixer upper homes, you’ll be inspired by this kitchen.

I’m in love with these fall dresses (so cute with boots), and of course great deals are always attractive (and floral print dresses!). $17.45? How can you go wrong? Also, I adore these modest dresses.

How about this Salted Caramel Apple Cake? Or waking up to these overnight oats (so cozy). I’m also currently obsessed with plain Greek yogurt, Abby’s Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Granola, fresh white peaches, and blueberries for breakfast.

And did you know this about these snacks?

Fall is … sort of like spring cleaning? Today I’m cleaning out the fridge, with this inspiration in mind. And if you’re looking to organize your fall cooking, here is a Best Ever Comfort Food Meal Plan.

Let’s enjoy everything pumpkin, Thanksgiving’s right around the corner, and any chance we can get to gather with friends, family, neighbors, or new people in your life.

And always … give thanks for our blessings!

Remember for a good fall read, The Tourquoise Table, will encourage and inspire your love for hospitality.

Have you thought about pressing leaves for a fall-inspired table?

Happy September Favorites

We are watching, Texas!

We’ve been watching and praying for Houston this week. My friend Flavia, at Flavia’s Favors, has a great informative post about where to donate, if you’re looking for organizations that focus on rebuilding homes like Operation Blessing or Texas Tool Bank. We’ve already donated to Samaritan’s Purse, but her post, How to Help Houston After Hurricane Harvey, is very helpful. The Nester also shares more here, about @PreemptiveLove .

It’s what comes next, after the big storm, where we can show love, concern, and help, even if we can’t be there physically.

We love you, Texas! Texas is also one of the most pro-active states when it comes to bullying. My husband has spoken in Texas more than any other state. They take parenting and family very serious. You can also follow Paul on Facebook, or tell your friends who are passionate about this subject to like and follow along. (September is also the month where schools take bullying very serious.)

I really loved this: Texas Forever T-Shirts from Chip and Joanna Gaines, are giving all proceeds from the sales from August 28  September 30 to hurricane disaster relief efforts.

Happy September Favorites

Lastly, in 13 days, the Beyond Kindness Tour is starting. Will you get onboard?

So, on this September 1st morn, I hope you are inspired to give and love, and to be encouraged with this new season ahead!

Any fun plans for Labor Day?

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