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I’ll start with my story, and then you can link up and share yours, okay?

When my Aunt Barbara brought me this wonderful book, I almost didn’t want to touch it. For one, it seemed so old and fragile (literally falling apart), and secondly, the thought went through my mind how different Great Grandma Frohreich’s life was than mine.

Even though I have many friends around me, I’m wrapped up in sharing my life through social networking, meeting friends across the country (which I love!), whereas Great Grandma stuck close to home and really knew her neighbors.

I can text my husband or kids across the states at any time, whereas Great Grandma’s family mostly lived within a 2 mile radius.

I can run up to the Farmer’s Market and buy any vegetables or fruit, whereas Great Grandma spent months planting, growing, and harvesting their crops.

I can buy any canned veggies or fruit, whereas Great Grandma spent days and weeks canning and “putting up” the harvest.

I can zap a meal (microwave) in a few minutes or have instant hot water (Insta Hot), whereas Great Grandma spent hours slaving over a stove.

Costco sells beautiful bouquets of flowers, whereas Great Grandma grew her own.

These are just a few ideas of how the generations have changed, and in a way, reading through this wonderful book (full of many German words!) I’ve discovered that it was my Great Grandma’s idea log.

Not only are there recipes.

But she talks about flowers.

The book is in a way a dream book, an idea book.

Here are a few fun recipes. I love the titles.

Hurry-Up Cake
True Sponge Cake
Fluffy Dumplings
Potato Pan Rolls
Silver and Gold Casserole
Vitamin Plus Salad
Grandmother’s Cabbage
Feather Rolls

Oh, and there are the German recipes, the ones that I hope my friend Ulla will decipher for me over dinner!

A few articles, like … Leftovers used in Novel Ways

Here’s a page from 1937.

Dear Woman’s Page Editor … As the holidays are near and so many of us are packing boxes for our boys and girls in the service camps far away from home, we are at times at a loss what to fix to send them…

And a whole page on Dahlias! And how to care for Roses.

I wish I would have known my Great Grandma. I was 6 when she died. My last memory is attending her funeral and walking by her casket.

When my cousins came for lunch a while back, I showed them Great Grandma’s book.

So lovely in many ways.

What’s an heirloom that you hold dear to your heart?

Not it’s your turn … link up and share your Mother’s Day memories with us today!

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