Too Busy for Strawberry Shortcake? No Way!

My friend Kristen has been blogging over at Dine and Dish for 3 1/2 years. She’s also a mother of 4!

I am a happily married and work from home as a freelance writer for various online and print publications. Besides my family, I am passionate about cooking, entertaining, photography, reading, and shopping. I decided to join the blogging world as a way to help document what happens in my life, as my life seems to be zooming by at light speed.

The exciting thing about Kristen joining me on RE today is not only her sharing a wonderful recipe, but that we actually get to meet up this Fall at BlogHer Food! We’re “suite-mates” – 4 girls sharing a suite. Should be a fun time. We also both write for SC Johnson, for their Family Economics site! Oh, and did I tell you Kristen is a fabulous photographer? In the meantime, here’s a sneak-peek at my strawberry bed on the side of our house …

Fresh rain on the plants.

Love the little blossoms.

And of course we love Strawberry Shortcake. Mm-m-m, one of my favorites. So today …

Meet my Guest:
Kristen from Dine and Dish

Those of you who read my blog, Dine & Dish, know that I haven’t always been able to cook. Well, I take that back… I have not always had the passion or desire or time to cook. I worked a very demanding job, often times topping 60 hours a week. The last thing I felt like doing when I finally got home was spending time in the kitchen, creating a meal for my husband and I. Typically, I would turn to convenience foods or take out, assuming that it was faster and easier.

My, how times have changed! Once I had kids and became a work-from-home mom, my domestic instincts kicked in and cooking became less of a chore and more of something that I enjoyed doing. I discovered that I had been mistaken all along. Cooking basic, good and healthy meals for my family was not something that I had to labor over for hours. With the right ingredients on hand, I could whip up something faster than getting everyone in the car and making a trip to the nearest restaurant.

This week, I had a flashback moment to my earlier days. My parents were in town and had brought a bunch of fresh strawberries home. My mind immediately went to strawberry shortcake. My first thought was “Ugh… I really want strawberry shortcake, but I am too busy to make it.” Then, I thought “I don’t have any of those little hostess sponge cake things for strawberry shortcake.” Next, “Bisquick would make this easier, but I don’t have any of that either.” Finally, “Just forget it… I don’t even have Cool Whip…everyone knows you can’t have good strawberry shortcake without whipped cream.”

Then I snapped into it. What was I thinking? I don’t need Bisquick or Hostess to help me out with this one. I can whip up some strawberry shortcake and fresh whipped cream in a jiffy. And, that’s exactly what I did.

The old me would have given up the second I realized I didn’t have any of the Hostess sponge cakes. 10 years later, the new me knows that I don’t necessarily need pre-packaged, ready made food to make something delicious. The new me knows that creating something delicious simply from the items in your pantry is not a giant feat and can be accomplished without a lot of effort. Like these strawberry shortcakes… from idea to on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Try going homemade. You’ll soon discover that nothing tastes as good as the confidence you get from making something from scratch.

Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons sugar
1 stick butter, chilled and cut into small cubes
2/3 to 3/4 cup whipping cream

1 quart strawberries
1/3 cup sugar

Whipped Cream:
1/2 pt. whipping cream
3 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
Rinse the berries under cold water; drain well. Hull and slice the berries; place in a bowl. Sprinkle with the sugar; cover and let stand at room temperature for about 1 hour. Whip the cream with the sugar and vanilla until soft peaks form. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Set rack at center level.

Mix together the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. With a pastry cutter, cut the butter into the flour mixture until it resembles coarse meal. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and make a well in the center. With a fork stir in the cream, just until dough is moist. Be very careful not to overwork. The dough doesn’t have to hold together well at this point. Let the dough stand for a minute. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Fold the dough over on itself (knead) 2 or 3 ti
mes, until it is holding together and is less sticky. Take it from me… do not overwork the dough!

Gently pat the dough into a 6 by 12-inch rectangle about 3/4-inch thick and cut into 8 (3-inch) biscuits with a floured round cutter. Transfer to a buttered foil-lined cookie sheet. Brush on a little milk or cream and sprinkle tops with some sugar, if desired. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, until risen and golden brown. Remove to a platter and split each biscuit horizontally with a serrated knife. Top with about 1/3 cup of berry mixture and whipped cream. Replace the tops and top with a tablespoon or so of berries and more whipped cream for topping.

Serves 8.

So … I cannot wait for my strawberries to ripen to try this recipe! Thank you, Kristen!

What is your favorite way to serve strawberries?


32 comments on “Too Busy for Strawberry Shortcake? No Way!”

  1. I love strawberry shortcake and I would have done the exact same thing (thought I couldn’t have it without a trip to the store) but you’re right! I JUST said to my husband that next year I want to grow strawberries.
    .-= Suzann´s last blog ..Before… =-.

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  3. Thanks for having me, Sandy! I am so jealous of your strawberry patch. I need to get me one of those ;)
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Food Photography Workshop (Recipe: Mustard Dip for Artichokes) =-.

    • Come to OR and I will share it with you!

      Thank you for being my guest today. So fun! xo

  4. Your strawberry plants look so happy! And that yummy recipe would make my family happy. Thanks Kristen!
    .-= Amy from She Wears Many Hats´s last blog ..On the road again… =-.

  5. Yum! That looks delish! Homemade is always better, isn’t it?
    .-= betsy´s last blog ..Wind =-.

  6. I know nothing about gardening … but it seems that strawberries grow wild fairly easily, but I haven’t noticed many folks who grow them in their garden. Too much space / low yield? I dunnoh … All I know is, I was amazed the first time I went to my wife’s folks’ farm and saw the rhubarb plant in their front yard. It takes absolutely zero tending, and yields enough rhubarb for 10 pies or thereabouts. Maybe after the Slow Food and Locavore movements, we’ll have an “Accidental Gardening,” planting things more like shrubs than gardens that grow on their own and give you a handful of produce each year.
    .-= The Training Table´s last blog ..Cutting edge or traditional? Why not both? =-.

  7. Hey … been thinking … it’s just the two of us these days (we’re foster parents but taking a little break) so we don’t always need 8 or 12 servings. When we make biscuits, we freeze 3/4s of the dough in individual ziplock bags and bring it out a serving at a time. Is there any reason that wouldn’t work for this recipe? Thanks and cheers!
    .-= The Training Table´s last blog ..Cutting edge or traditional? Why not both? =-.

  8. I wonder how often it would be easier just to get on with making something homemade rather than to worry about what store-bought things we don’t have? Thanks for this reminder to JUST DO IT!
    .-= Richella´s last blog ..Nineteen candles =-.

  9. The shortcake looks really good. I often just serve the strawberries/whipped cream over a slice of pound cake. Pound cake can be made in small loaf pans and put in the freezer – and you can slice off just what you need. Helpful in a household of 2.

    .-= Darla´s last blog ..Garden Oddities =-.

  10. With chocolate. :) Or on vanilla yogurt.
    .-= Tara G.´s last blog ..Oh. My. Word. =-.

  11. MMMM!!! That’s all I have to say.
    And: Strawberries drizzled w/ balsamic vinegar is delish. :)
    .-= Mrs. B.´s last blog ..Eye of the Storm =-.

  12. Beauty in simplicity! The berries are never good enough around here to stand on their own like that, so I always end up making a sauce out of them to compensate.

  13. This looks delicious! It’s been a while since I’ve made strawberry shortcakes, but you’re right – homemade is really simple (and tastes better).
    .-= Katie @ goodLife {eats}´s last blog ..Individual Zucchini, Pepper, and Fontina Frittata =-.

  14. I love strawberry shortcake! :)

  15. This is a lovely post, sadly it doesn’t help my diet too much.. maybe if I just ate the strawberries? I put a link to this post at my little-baby blog today, I hope you don’t mind. It just looks so good!
    .-= homesteader´s last blog ..One Pound =-.

  16. My aunt Patsy’s Strawberry Pie! It has a shortbread crust with a cream cheese layer on the bottom and strawberries on top. And I have to make a couple batches of freezer jam, to enjoy those fresh berries all winter long.
    .-= afarmgirlsdabbles´s last blog ..Rhubarb-Berry Crumbles =-.

  17. oh yum! love homemade strawberry shortcake-that sounds so good! We love strawberries any way we can get them-but I think shortcake is the best!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Inspired by Flowers on the Front Porch =-.

  18. One of my favorite desserts. Perfect sweet treat for spring and summer!
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..2peas3-0 =-.

  19. I need to plant more strawberries! We love strawberries with Angel food cake with a little whip cream and strawberries dipped in chocolate. I also make a strawberry pie with a strawberry glaze like Marie Callendar’s which is yummy and pretty. It’s easy to make.

    .-= Connie´s last blog ..Happy Saturday! =-.

  20. Plus….homemade is much better for you than pre-packaged. I never did like the sponge cake stuff.

    My favorite way for strawberries is shortcake or in a pie!

  21. mmm this looks sooo good! I’ve never seen a biscuit recipe with whipped cream in it though!

  22. Hey Sandy,
    I’m featuring yours and Kristen’s posts for Rave Reviews Wednesday at Sweet Pickles and Chocolate. Stop by and grab the Rave Reviews button.
    Sweet Pickles and Chocolate
    .-= Dena´s last blog ..When the Moon Hits Your Eye =-.

  23. How cool to meet up with Kristen, from Dine & Dish at Reluctant Entertainer. She is so right, homemade is always better! My parents will be up for a visit on Memorial Day Weekend and I’m going to make this especially for my Dad, he’s gonna love the the homemade shortcake for sure. Gonna make my Dad so proud and so happy! Thank you Kristen!

  24. Oh Kristen! I LOVE homemade strawberry shortcake but have only made it with Bisquick myself…I can’t wait to try this!!!……it’s truly one of my top favorite desserts! Thanks for sharing
    .-= TidyMom´s last blog ..ColorInc Gallery Wrap Canvas Giveaway & Coupon =-.

  25. You have an amazing amount of strawberries :) and that dish is just decadent. I am very happy that you two get to meet up and be suite mates. What fun!!
    .-= Tickled Red´s last blog ..Brunch by the Beach. =-.

  26. Love this post. I am bookmarking it and am going to make it homemade this summer. ( stomps foot down) Gosh darn it. :)
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..The Reader =-.

  27. Love these. Seconding the pound cake action, too! (Southern Living recently had a recipe where you layered your ingredients in your big ole mixer and mixed it up for 3 minutes. Bake for an hour. SO easy, and no cutting out if that intimidates you. :-)

    Sandy, how do you keep critters out of your berry patch? I was inspired by you last year so I planted one and a chipmunk has eaten every one as they ripened. (On the other hand I get to hear my 2-year-old yelling “Naughty old chipmunk! Don’t eat our strawberries!” while she peers out our back window.)

    He scampers out of the garden into his hole, so I KNOW it’s that chipmunk.
    .-= Melissa D´s last blog ..Working, working, working =-.

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