Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board

Want to make your own Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board? A charcuterie board is filled with cured meats and cheese, perfect for holiday entertaining. Sponsored by DeLallo Foods, you’ll love this easy recipe!

Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board

There’s no right or wrong way to display a charcuterie plate or a meet and cheese platter, but to simply enjoy it. For all my charcuterie/cheese board ideas, click the link and get inspired!

What is a charcuterie board?

Charcuterie usually means cured or cold meats, but it usually the term “charcuterie board” means an assortment of meats that are paired with different cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts, and often dips or sauces.

Party Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board

Outdoor entertaining

Few settings are as hospitable as hosting a gathering in nature’s great outdoors. I just love the feeling we get from our wrap-around-deck that let’s us take in the top of all our quaking aspens. The sound the wind makes through them makes me giddy, especially when we’re sharing appetizers on our deck with friends, like this beautiful charcuterie board.

But before we get up here, our guests arrive all around the same time with their potluck dish in hand, a bottle of wine in the other—and usually a small gift in a bag hanging on their arm. We certainly don’t expect it, but does make me feel special.

Best Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie plate

Ready on the table is a giant charcuterie plate, ready for a quick indulgence.

This might sound strange, but I love these moments because they bring with them this awkward moment when you’re trying to find a free hand to give a hug! These hugs say some of my favorite words,

Come in, put your things down, grab a glass of wine, and let’s visit!

Easy Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board

Meat Cheese & Olive Charcuterie Board

Having an appetizer ready (remember this beautiful board?) for when our guests put their stuff (and their worries) down, is everything. We feel the ultimate summer spread, a Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board, is one of these BEST appetizers to serve (made with cured meats, olives and antipasti).

Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board - brie cheese

Meat and cheese platter

My friend Laurel and I had a great time making this Meat Cheese & Olive Charcuterie Board for Father’s Day. Isn’t it pretty? We caught up while we chopped and talked about Father’s Day, and even chuckled about what men wanted in an appetizer and why.

Why charcuterie boards are popular

Reasons why most people love making charcuterie boards:

  • Super easy to make.
  • Something already constructed (not deconstructed), which means, ready to take a bite – now.
  • They want something meaty, salty, tasty.
  • People love nuts, meat, cheeses, olives—all the perfect bite!

Tasty Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board

Stuff the endive with goat cheese and fresh basil.

Slice the cheeses and meats.

Chop the pepperoni to add to the mozzarella balls.

Meat Cheese Olive Charcuterie Board - stuffed endive

Add the olives, nuts, and crackers (with a few veggies).

Get your party started and watch everyone mingle and dug in with so many flavors and delicious bites to choose from!

Don’t forget to check out my Charcuterie/Cheese Board ideas!

Meat Cheese & Olive Charcuterie Board
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Meat Cheese & Olive Charcuterie Board

A Meat Cheese & Olive Charcuterie Board is filled with cured meats and delicious cheeses, perfect for holiday entertaining. There's no right or wrong way to display a charcuterie plate or a meat and cheese platter, but to simply ENJOY it.
Prep Time20 mins


  • Pistachios
  • Roasted almonds
  • Cashews
  • 12 oz. Grilled Piquillo Peppers DeLallo
  • 12 oz. Grilled Artichoke hearts DeLallo
  • Roasted beets
  • Cucumber sliced
  • Salami
  • Short Stick Pepperoni
  • Black Pepper Sweet Sausage
  • Italian Herb Sweet Sausage
  • Hot Calabrese Cured Sausage
  • Provoloni Antipasti
  • Pitted Olives Jubilee
  • Aglio Green Pitted Olives
  • Brie cheese softened (heated)
  • Cheddar cheese sliced
  • Endive stuffed with goat cheese + fresh basil
  • Mozzarella balls sauted in DeLallo Roasted & Grilling Veggie Marinade
  • 3 varieties crackers


  • Slice meats and cheeses; place all ingredients on a large board, moist ingredients (artichokes, olives, beets, etc.) in small dishes.
  • Layer with crackers, thin salami slices, and add a small container of toothpicks.
  • ENJOY!

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This post is sponsored by DeLallo Foods. We love their product and have used it weekly in our kitchen for years. As always, all opinions are my own!




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