Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert Recipe

This Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert Recipe is perfect for making ahead, freezing, and then slightly defrosting to serve to your summer guests!

Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert |

I love the song, “Summer Nights”, by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. As summer is drifting away (nooooo!), I made this delicious family-favorite Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert recipe for a special treat this week. We normally don’t have dessert on a weeknight, but, in true celebration of summer, how could we pass this up?

Summer lovin’ had me a blast – summer lovin’, happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me – I met a boy, cute as can be
Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh those summer nights

Years ago, Grease came to the Rogue Valley at Britt, and my daughter and her friends couldn’t wait to get onto the dance stage! They were young, in the 3rd grade, dressed in Grease attire–pony tails, poodle skirts, bobby socks–an innocent age of not caring what others think. At times I wish we could remain in that 3rd grade mindset of not being so self-conscious, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life a little more. Little did I know that Abby and her cousin would win the contest at the end, of all the kids dancing on the stage.

Fun summer memories of almost 10 years ago!

Summer dessert.

Back to the dessert. My friend Heidi is sharing 10 Frozen dessert recipes to get your chill on!

But for me, Creamsicle popsicles are summer. I love orange and vanilla swirled together for that citrusy, fresh flavor.

Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert Recipe

Make a Graham Cracker crust.

Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert |

Add store-bought Creamsicle ice cream (or make your own with vanilla ice cream, swirling in orange juice concentrate).

Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert |

Drizzle fudge sauce on top. Cover with plastic wrap.

Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert |

Freeze and serve!

Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert |

Feeds 12!

You have the simplest, summer-fresh party dessert for the season.

I love how it feeds a large group, and it’s really easy to pull out of the freezer for a group of kids coming over.

What’s your favorite ice cream dessert?

Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert |

Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert |
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Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert

If you can’t find Creamsicle ice cream in the store, make your own with vanilla ice cream, and swirl in (6 oz:) thawed orange juice concentrate.
Prep Time10 mins
Total Time2 hrs 30 mins
Servings: 12


  • 2 cups graham cracker crumbs
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter 1 stick, melted
  • 2-1/2 quarts Creamsicle flavored ice cream softened
  • 1 small jar fudge sauce optional


  • In a bowl, combine cracker crumbs and sugar; stir in butter. Press crumb mixture into a 9×13 greased pan. Cover and freeze for at least 10 minutes.
  • Spoon softened ice cream over the crust (pan will be full). Freeze for 15 minutes.
  • Pull out of the freezer and drizzle softened fudge on top of the ice cream (optional). Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for up to 2 hours.
  • Remove from the freezer 15 minutes before serving.

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Orange Creamsicle Freezer Dessert Recipe

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  1. I am heading right now to buy what i need to make this delicious dessert i think it”s the right time !

  2. Genius!!!!! I am so making these this week!

  3. This looks so fantastic! I cannot wait to try this!

  4. Summer NIghts was a perfect reference. What a luscious dessert.

  5. This is incredible!

  6. Your chocolate drizzle photo makes me want to lick my screen! I may have to make this for our Labor Day picnic on Sunday. Happy Thursday :)

  7. Yum!! Simple + Delicious = Perfect!

  8. The pictures look even more delicious than the recipe sounds. YUM!!

  9. Sandy, that sounds delish! I make a butter pecan ice cream dessert that is good too for a crowd and because it is made in advance it is a time saver.

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