On a Quiet Afternoon: Make-Ahead Frozen Berry Cobbler

This Berry Cobbler, is perfect for any time of year!

Make-Ahead Frozen Berry Cobbler
On a quiet afternoon, the house is empty, as I wait for company to arrive in a few hours for dinner. The family is out doing their own things, and the house is filled with a sweet aroma of berry cobbler bubbling up in the oven.

The low, constant thrum of neighbors chissling out old concrete on their remodel, geese flying overhead, neighbor girls barking as if they are dogs (so cute), and temps hovering in the low eighties, it all tells me autumn is here.

On a Quiet Afternoon

Next to me in our small living room sits our dog, Haggis, my notebook and laptop, and a few hints of autumn.

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Family Talk and Sweet Asian Slaw with Apple and Corn

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Start Cooking in the Morning with Crock Pot Pork Roast

Crock Pot Pork Roast | reluctantentertainer.com

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Home Canned Salsa and #FarmtoCabin Food

Home Canned Salsa

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