How to Introduce Others: Butternut Quinoa {Vegetarian} Enchiladas

This Butternut Quinoa {Vegetarian} Enchiladas recipe is excellent to serve next time you have a gathering. Either make enchiladas or use the mixture in individual bowls with extra toppings.

Butternut Quinoa {Vegetarian} Enchiladas | Reluctant

My friend was next to me in our kitchen, finishing up the dishes after a small dinner party, making small talk, putting away leftovers, glasses, and wiping off counters. She pulled me aside and shared a secret that she had been keeping. Feeling her life wasn’t as exciting as the other dinner guests, it was a little intimidating for her to speak up and get to know the other party guests, or share the details of her life.

How we meet.

The first thing people want to know when meeting someone new is usually: What do you do for a living? Or, how many kids do you have? Or, how long have you lived in the Rogue Valley? Or … what have you done that is extraordinary? Right? Don’t we usually want to know the “flashy” stuff about people?

Most conversation seems to revolve around family, volunteer work, schooling, where we go to church, or we update one another on our work lives. Sometimes sports and politics and travels.

But for the person who feels they have an ordinary job, life, not a whole lot of interests or going ons—this may be something they are embarrassed by, possibly feeling their life isn’t as glitzy or exciting as the person they are talking to.

Ordinary people.

I wrapped my arms around my friend and told her how much I love her. I like ordinary people.

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