Here’s a simple New York Steak Marinade for the best grilled steaks! Enjoy with your favorite side dishes, salad, and a glass of wine!

4 New York grilled steaks

Last week we splurged and bought New York Strip Steaks from Costco, and we will buy them again. We used a simple New York Steak Marinade Recipe; perfect for grilling!

We love steak, and the leftovers are fantastic on steak sandwiches. Keep in mind, we don’t do this often. Buying steak in general is a treat, so we really enjoy it when we make it.

steak sandwiches with melted cheese

New York Steak Marinade Recipe

When our friends came for dinner, my plan to use leftover grilled New York Strip steak and fresh rolls from our local Sparrow Bakery.

Cheesy steak sandwiches with watermelon and corn on the cob would be the early-fall meal. And it was. And the flavor is so good in this New York Steak Marinade Recipe!

freshly grilled New York Steak

Ingredients for Best Steak Marinade

  • Soy sauce (optional to use coconut aminos)
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • New York Strip Steak
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Minced garlic

Kevala Organic Coconut Aminos

This easy marinade makes the flavors perfect, and delicious for the grill. I also want to mention if you’re looking for a gluten-free option for soy sauce, we often use Kevala Organic Coconut Aminos [affiliate link]! We’ve told a lot of our friends about this product.

  • It’s a soy free alternative sauce, Organic, non-GMO, soy-free, and glute-free!
  • A delicious salty, savory seasoning sauce made from coconut nectar, pure coconut blossom sap, and sea salt!
  • You mix it in salad dressings, soups, sautéed veggies, or drizzle over popcorn for a healthy snack. It really enhances and deepens the flavors of what you are cooking!

For steak sandwiches, grab your favorite baguette, and cheese, and grill some onions.

We made the sandwiches with Stonewall Kitchen’s Chipotle Aioli [affiliate link] sauce. This sauce really makes the sandwich!

I love taking leftovers and making a delicious dinner with them!

cheese melted on open face steak sandwiches

How to make sure you have enough leftovers

Double the marinade recipe for steak (make twice as much).

Enjoy for one meal, and save the rest for next night’s dinner! And the next night’s …

We love Avocado Strawberry Steak Salad or steak taco bowls!

What’s the best cut of steak for this marinade?

We like to use New York Strip Steaks but other cuts of meat are ribeye, top sirloin, flank or skirt steak.

I want to mention that the tender cuts like filet mignon, wagyu and Kobe do NOT need a marinade.

sliced new york steak

How to make New York Steak Marinade

  1. Whisk marinade ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  2. Pour over steaks in a gallon size, resealable bag. Pess air out and allow to marinate.

How do you make a steak tender?

Before marinating, we love to use this OXO Easy-Clean Bladed Meat Tenderizer tool [affiliate link]. It’s easy, and makes any cut of meat crazy-tender!

a plate of cooked, sliced steak

How long to marinate steaks?

Steaks should rest in marinade in refrigerator at least 30 minutes or up to 8 hours.

How long do you grill New York Steak?

Grill time varies with every grill, but our go-to for an 8 oz steak (1-inch thick) is 3 – 5 minutes per side, cooking on medium heat.

square table set with orange glasses

This year looks different than any other fall I’ve ever experienced. The usual “excitement” is not there for me, although I love the cooler mornings and evenings. A friend recently told me she was decorating for fall. My decorating might be sparse this year, which is fine.

It’s all relevant to what’s happening in the world, and there is much happening right now!

At least the table is set … :)

What Should I Serve with Steak?

These potatoes: Crispy Smashed Potatoes Recipe or Roasted Lemon Thyme Balsamic Marble Potatoes.

These 3 side salads: Burrata Chopped Salad Board or Mediterranean Tomato Salad with Za’atar Pita Chips or Healthy Quinoa Salad.

a plate of cooked, sliced steak
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New York Steak Marinade


  • 1/4 cup soy sauce, if using coconut aminos, add 1/2 cup
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 4 1-inch thick steak, such as filet mignon, ribeye, New York Strip, top sirloin, flank, or skirt steak
  • 1/8 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 4 cloves minced garlic, or 1 tsp. garlic powder


  • Mix all ingredients together and place steaks into freezer bag with marinade, preferably overnight.
  • Grill according to your taste in steak--rare, medium, or done!
  • Thinly slice the steak for an easy meal, or steak sandwiches!
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a plate of sliced New York Steak

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